Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Their first day report

The first day of school was definitely the most difficult for...wait for it...Forrest. Surprising, yes? This is why. This week, school ends at 1:10 each day  (a.k.a. early out schedule). We haven't had many 'constants' this summer with the exception of Forrest's daily nap. Sometimes that nap would happen as late as 1:00 but most days, he was ready for his snooze by 11:30. Having had an early morning, I made the decision to put him down while the kids were at school. However, when the time came to wake him up, my poor baby cried in protest. {I empathize sweet Forrest. I really do.} Thanks to my rude interruption, our afternoon was made colorful by his grumpy mood. And when I say "colorful," imagine varying shades of red.

Side note: the honorable mention for upsetting behavior goes to Lottie. She was pretty tired herself. 

Last night, I would have predicted that I would be dragging my children out of their beds. Their bodies are accustomed to partying well past bedtime and sleeping in later than 7:15. To my surprise, Lottie and Henry trotted into our bedroom, fully dressed, a few minutes before 7:00 this morning. Eliza soon followed.

"Well, that was easy." I silently mused. Their excitement delighted me. However, Henry's exhaustion was evident when he suffered a meltdown over a disagreement he and I had over which pair of socks he should wear. Meltdown #2 occurred when we disagreed, once more, on which route we'd be taking on our walk to school this morning. Despite a highly punctual parent (hey, I'm fairly mediocre, so please allow me to praise my ability to be on time), Eliza was still concerned that the the route I wanted to take would totally make us late.

"Relax, we'll be there with extra time to spare!" And, ahem, we were.

But before jetting off to school, we made time for family scripture study, prayer and most important (teasing) the first day of school photos. My "nice camera" is under the weather at the moment, so I did the best I could with my iphone.

I really love these kids!

Here they are, marching the "really, extra long" way to school. Lottie was shaking her booty. She's hilarious.
Not pictured: Baby Forrest. He was busy having "the worst diaper I've ever seen" (according to Andrew) changed inside. Andrew was able to walk the kids to school with me. I loved that it was a family affair.

The kids greeted me with bright, beaming faces. They praised their teachers up and down! My Mom heart sang. Henry is super jazzed about learning Chinese and asked Eliza:

"So do you think by Friday, I'll be able to speak Chinese with you?"

He also said, "Hey Mom. I know how to say stand up and sit down in Chinese!"

"Oh really? That's great!" I reply. "How do you say it?"

"Um... I forgot."  And for the record, Henry's "I forgot" face is pretty adorable; which is great because he has a tendency to forget things.

Laughing he tells me, "Oh guess what, Mom? Today at school, I was the only one in the whole class who left their lunchbox in the cafeteria." His smiling face reassures me that he handled this misstep okay at school.

"Mrs. Longfellow was passing back the lunchboxes." Hitting the palm of his hand on his forehead he continues: "And I was like, oh man! I forgot mine! So she walked with me to find it." That seemed to be his only hiccup from his first day. I'm so excited about their teachers this year. It makes sending them off to school 100 times easier.

Eliza was full of detail as she shared with me who she sits by and who she spent time with at recess. She loves her teacher, Mrs. DeMille and said her math review in Chinese was super easy for her. 

As for Lottie and me, we came home and immediately made Mel's thick and chewy chocolate chip brownie bars. I mean, come on. What else are you going to do to lift your spirits at 8:45 in the morning? Plus, it made a fun after school treat for the big kids. Our morning without Eliza and Henry passed quickly. At least that's how it felt when I saw the familiar sight of Lottie and Henry riding the wiggle cars on our back patio this afternoon. And what do you know? A short while later, they were arguing over a bottle of bubbles.

Sighing to myself I thought:

"You know, it's like summer never ended."

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