Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Yay Motherhood.

For the past year, I've been meeting with a group of ladies on a monthly basis to discuss Motherhood. Sounds fascinating, yes? According to my spouse, it's a corny concept. When you consider that the official name of this group is: "The Power of Moms" (*cue the super hero music) and that we claim to read and  discuss thought provoking  articles relating to our work in the home, I can understand his skepticism.

The articles aren't always life changing, but the dessert usually is! In fact, some months I show up having not read the article. Shame on me. It wouldn't matter if we were gathering to discuss a fun new book or there to learn about an exciting new cleaning product. I have made some great friends and these new friendships have been a blessing to me. I admire these ladies and enjoy laughing maniacally when topics shift away from our articles to something shamefully inappropriate (wink, wink!). And to be fair, there have been several articles that I've benefited from.

Anyway, after one year of meeting together, we decided it would be fun to have a BBQ with our kids and spouses (and awesome German friends!). I hosted.

Because of summer, finding a time that fit most of our schedules proved impossible difficult. I was feeling discouraged that only three families would be able to come. The good news was the day of the barbeque, we received word from our friend Michael that he was in town on business and had the night open for a visit. He joined us which added a fun and unique element to our night with friends.
Forrest and his girlfriend, Railey
Maren brought this sweet slice of heaven. His name is Beau and he's adorable
 Lottie and Peyton
Forrest is especially fond of Michael.

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