Tuesday, September 9, 2014

His and Her (labor day) weekends

Labor day weekend our family had plans to make a return trip to Bubba's Cabin. However, I backed out at the last (drama filled) minute for a couple of reasons. The primary reason was because my sweet friend Beverly had passed away and I was helping to coordinate plans for her funeral. I've been serving in my ward's relief society presidency for almost two years. With our RS president in Europe for a few weeks, that responsibility fell to me. More importantly, I love Bev and her family so much that I wanted to be here to make sure things went smoothly.

Looking back, it was the right thing to do. I admit that I had a lot of hesitation at first as it meant that the kids would be split up too. Andrew took Eliza and Henry while I kept Lottie and Forrest home. And while I missed them all, I am confident that they had an amazing time with cousins exploring Bubba's play land together. Andrew, who has been busy as ever, likewise benefited from that one-on-one time with the big kids. There is no cell reception at the cabin (which is one of the things I like most - zero technology related distractions), so I really did appreciate him making the drive down the canyon to update me on how things were going.

I knew all was well when I heard the happy tone in his voice.

"I just got back from a two hour four wheeler ride with Henry! It was just the two of us and it was glorious." No doubt, Henry was in heaven too. The kids played and played with their cousins. Toys are completely unnecessary when they are given the freedom to roam free. Here are a few photos from their trip.

 Singing songs around the campfire
Waiting for dinner. And Eliza pouting in the corner.

Andrew and Henry's view from their four wheeler ride
There's a slow running creek where the kids have built stellar forts.
They love playing here.
On the four wheelers

As for me, I shamefully spoiled Lottie. She didn't act sad about missing out on the cabin trip; even so I felt guilty.
So we went to Chik-Fil-A
We did a little "back to school" shopping with my Children's Place certificates. 
And, Lottie's favorite thing, we went swimming.
Baby Forrest is really cute. 
He loves to swim in the tub the most. 
Sometimes even after Mommy has dried him off and put him in clean jammies...
When it comes to tub time, Forrest believes that clothes truly are optional. 
Allow me to state the obvious: 
My teeth aren't that white. I was having (too much) fun with an app on my phone.

I love these two babies so much;
and was surprised that I felt that my daily load was lighter (I didn't think I'd notice).
I'm not saying that I want this to be a normal, regular occurrence, but
 I really did enjoy our time together without the big kids.

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