Monday, September 1, 2014

Lottie Preps for Preschool

With her birthday being in the fall, I feel like I had an "extra" year with Lottie. This little girl is the sunshine in our home! And as much as I'm going to miss her when she makes the leap from Mom's full-time sidekick to preschool student, I'm very excited for her.

When I reflect on all of the errands and car trips benefiting her older siblings that she's been apart of, I'm thrilled that she gets to have something that is just for her. As it turns out, being my sidekick and full-time tag along isn't as glamorous as it sounds (I know, you're shocked).

Enter the Little Red School House:
I couldn't have dreamed up a better preschool situation. Henry attended here and loved his experience. Beginning next week, Lottie will begin this exciting new chapter (twice a week). A few nights ago, Lottie was invited to an open house where she met her teachers, a few of her soon-to-be friends and explored the school. Miss Mary's passion is evident in all of her creative detail. From her freshly painted red house, to her amazing flowers that tower over her students... to this darling little lamb (*sing with me now: Mary had a little lamb*) 
Henry jumped at the opportunity to return to his "old stomping grounds"... Her veteran sibling enjoyed introducing her to the playground and classrooms. It was a sweet little outing. I enjoyed being with them both.
Henry's first day of preschool year one (click here)
Henry's first day of preschool year two (click here)
Henry graduates preschool (click here)

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*Jess* said...

awww! Thank goodness you still have Forrest around!