Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Lottie starts preschool. Twice.

Labor day weekend had come and gone. A return of that back to school adrenaline rushed through my heart as I shifted my school morning focus to little Lottie Flegal. After years of wishing Eliza and Henry a "happy day at school," it was finally her turn! Knowing she was preparing for an adventure, she politely accommodated each of my requests that morning.

In comparison to her older sister, Lottie has a sensitive head. Sitting still to allow me to style her hair has always been a struggle. If I'm simply looking at her hair, deciding what to do with those curls, Lottie will say, "Ouch, Mom! That hurts!" So when she willingly jumped up onto the stool with a brush in her hand, I knew her excitement level was running high.

"Mom," she began, "You're going to miss me so much today, huh?"

"You bet I am!" I said happily. Not that she's the type to feel bad over that, I still felt the need to add, "But Lottie, I am so happy you get to go to school today. I'm happy you get to go learn new things and make some special friends!"

"But you Mom..." she pauses for dramatic effect, "you are going to be a wreck!"

After checking that her face is clean one last time and tucking in her over-sized preschool shirt, I check the clock to make sure we have enough time for a few "first day of school" photos.
Tuesday's "dress rehearsal"

We've got this! The planner in me calculated that we'd get to school early, find a good parking spot and have some time for a few photos and then Forrest and I would be off to the craft store! We had to have a plan to fill the Lottie void.

It was a quick drive to the Little Red School House. After parking my car across the street from the school, I felt my tummy drop. Where were all the other cars? I glance at the clock. Well...I was pretty early; but seriously? There wasn't a single car in the driveway. The lights in the house were all turned off. What the... Meanwhile, Lottie is BOUNCING up and down in her car seat.

"Can I get out now, Mom? Please?"

Oh man. I grab my phone, desperate to find an e-mail to confirm the first day of school because it looked like what I'd written on my kitchen calendar at home was a big, fat mistake; courtesy of airhead Ali. Sure enough, I had the day wrong.

Looking back, breaking Lottie's heart with the news that school actually didn't start for another two days would have been easier if she'd thrown an obnoxiously loud fit. However, and this was far worse, she silently buckled herself back into her seat as a batch of giant, quiet tears welled up in her big brown eyes.

"I'm so sorry, Lottie. I'm so sorry about my mistake."

Thankfully, Lottie was easily distracted by a cheap bribe has a forgiving nature. Two days later we replayed her first day of school routine all over again; with the obvious addition that she got to go to school. The lingering guilt helped me be a brave Mama when Forrest and I walked back to our car after hugging her "Goodbye."

Lottie had a great first day! Eliza and Henry were very supportive as they listened to her ramble on about her experience. She shared her favorite details many times. I think she's pretty pleased to be apart of the big kid "school club" now.
For reals this time!

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*Jess* said...

That makes for a very memorable "First" day :)