Friday, October 10, 2014

Andrew goes fishing and other less important things (just kidding)

Andrew would have me begin today's post with the most important of happenings:

I'm just kidding. But seriously, look at that smile! Bright rays of happiness seeped forth  from his camera, warming my soul, as I scrolled through his pictures from his latest Colorado fishing excursion. This is his happy place. It's okay, friends. I remain secure in our relationship.

Last year at this time, Andrew was treated to this fishing trip by a company he was purchasing engines from. Now, one year later, Andrew works for this {awesome} company and is the one who gets to treat his clients to fishing excursions, among other things. Andrew rolls fancy. Its a good thing I keep things "real" at home with less than exciting "to-do" lists and the frequent occasional plate of pancakes for dinner. 

Shifting gears from fishing to soccer:

Something clicked in our brains this year in regards to soccer games. Some weeks we really have no choice, but we've discovered that not sending the entire family to each soccer game isn't nearly as stressful as having a house full of Flegals up and out the door for an 8:00 o'clock soccer game. We try to watch both kids play but sometimes ugly weather, sick kids and games scheduled for the same hour prevent this. And as much as I want to support both kids each week; it's kind of nice when I don't have to worry about chasing Forrest off of the soccer field every 20 seconds.

Again, with my nice camera out of commission, I haven't taken loads of pictures. Here are the humble few.

Henry's face of extreme intimidation. :)

A soaking wet Eliza is being photo bombed by her awesome coach!

As fun as the games are, we've really been enjoying the practices too. The weather this past wednesday was splendid.

Near the bottom left, Eliza practices with her team. The mountains are about 20 million times more beautiful in real life. Sorry that I can't do their majesty justice. Back in the day, I would spread out a blanket, visit with other parents while Forrest would play close by. Lottie and Henry would head off to the playground together and all would be well. These days... Forrest seems to have taken and abide by the following toddler oath of misconduct:
I solemnly swear to:
Delight in naughtiness.
Make awesome messes.
Engage in dangerous activities.
Run fast in direction of said danger and giggle manically at the poor parent who is struggling to keep up.
Scream when I want attention.
Scream when I don't get my way.  
And most importantly: 
Remain ridiculously adorable and/or irresistible at all times!

As a result of his thinking, I can no longer sit and visit with friends because Forrest immediately heads toward the opening of the fence that offers quick access to a busy road. So this week, I took him to the playground and shadowed him like a helicopter as he has a tendency to neglect the railings and fall off the equipment. Whilst Lottie and Forrest played on the playground, I kept an eye out for Henry who was off playing tag with a group of friends. As we made our way back to the car, I made the discovery that Henry, who i had recently lost sight of, was up (up, up, up!) in a tree.
I suppose that's what happens when you have boys. While you're occupied with keeping one safe from himself on the playground, the other one is just a hand grip slip away from falling out of a tree. Yikes! Speaking of Henry, he went to the office at school two days in a row this week. No, he wasn't being naughty; but rather he's been a little clumsy. Yesterday he tripped on his friend's foot and his forehead smacked into a table on his way down to the ground. Today he tripped and fell while walking the track, cutting up both of his knees. He must think the school nurse is cute. I'm looking into buying him a bubble suit.

Other things I'd like to remember:

My dear friend Karina was in town and made the trip up to see me. I was thrilled to have her and her two darling girls. 
Meet Karina. 
My college roommate. 
She's Andrew's first cousin.
So now, we are cousins. 
And our girls our second cousins. 
(...and I kind of casually dated her now husband my freshman year of college 
while Andrew was on his mission.
Its only awkward when Andrew teases us in public).
It really worked out well though.

This month I started volunteering at the elementary school. It is a super fantastic way to spend my time. I have a great friend who I alternate watching kids with. She takes Forrest when I go and is so incredibly sweet with him. My first time volunteering was made memorable when I noticed this in the main hallway.
My cute girl forgot to mention this to me! I'm very proud of her.

And finally, I've been working on my own social life which involves hosting playgroups with a pretty great group of Mom's that I've been meeting with each month.
Here's proof that Lottie does get a play date every now and then!

And, finally... when I'm not at soccer practice, driving to the elementary or organizing social engagements for the family, I'm usually on the hunt for Forrest. He keeps me on my toes!
Well darn. I thought I was done with this post but lookie here... a few more photos.

We got "Boo-ed" this year. A bucket full of Halloween goodies was left on our porch with instructions for us to go out and "boo" some of our own friends. The kids LOVED this so much. Here's Eliza in action as she darts away, in an attempt to remain anonymous, after booing one family. (visit
Good thing she had her soccer gear on. ;)

Here they are again at house number two. They giggled so hard. Boo-ing is fast becoming one of our favorite Halloween traditions. Start it up in your neighborhood if it isn't already going. Watching them run away after doorbell ditching is hilarious..

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