Thursday, October 30, 2014

Flegal fall memories

When it comes to cousins, grandparents, aunts and uncles, our children struck the lottery. I know. I've said that before. It's still true. Andrew and I feel very blessed that our kids are growing up with regular contact. Sometimes regular contact turns into super frequent. Welcome to today's blog post.

Fall break, we slept at Nanna's and Bubba's after a fun trip to the zoo with friends. Andrew woke up early the next morning to meet Bubba at the cabin for the deer hunt; where I'm sure they bonded in the most manly of fashions.  
Snuggling my babies

Conference weekend was an even bigger party as we slept over with the Taylor family. Sunday morning we enjoyed crepes, conference, cousins and sewing (sorry to kill the alliteration spree). 
Andrew and his sister Sara make crepes
Sewing with Syrelle
The boys play in Nanna's toy closet
Nanna gives Lottie a  mani/pedi

Another weekend the Jensen crew, along with Nanna and Bubba, came up to our house for an evening of fondue. It was delicious. Katie recently won a high quality fondue pot courtesy of my all time favorite, Mel's Kitchen Cafe (Hi Mel!!) which taught me that I really should enter contests. I actually won a princess dress from Getaway Today (score!) but have to confess that it's because my awesome friend entered me. Dinner was delicious but I think my most favorite thing of all might have been snuggling baby Harley. And, I would like to also recommend the recipe Mel has for fondue. It was brilliantly delicious. 
Bun bun made an appearance after dinner

Look how big Forrest is getting! 
While he was busy with the bunny, I was snuggling this cutie pie.
Harley Grace, I love your face!
The night just evolved into a great big cuddle-fest. 
While my arms were full of this sweet baby,
Brent and Katie took advantage of having their children well occupied!
Why yes. 
A trip to the Flegal funny farm wouldn't be complete without a red neck train ride.

And last but not least, last Saturday Eliza and I met Nanna and the Taylor girls at Olympus High where we watched the musical, "Cinderella." It was really well done. I was so impressed. It was also my first time in the new school building; which was absolutely amazing.

"Eliza, this is where I went to high school. Except it's not."

"Eliza, I was in an Olympus high school musical. I sang solos, danced and spoke in a New York accent; except it wasn't this auditorium or that stage."
We were excited to share with Cinderella our distant connection with her. Cinderella's Mom, Melissa, babysat Andrew growing up (all the time). They were next door neighbors. We felt a little bit cool because of that. Ha ha ha! 

With a cousin's baptism and a baby blessing coming up this weekend, I see a lot more family time on the horizon. Huzzah!

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