Friday, October 10, 2014

Meet These Mormons: Womens Meeting and Eastwood Primary Program

With an official eight year old to claim, I secured tickets to the conference center where the LDS women's meeting would be broadcast. It was exciting to introduce Eliza to the conference center and share in the spirit of that uplifting meeting together. Attending with the Chamberlain Chicks and my Mom made the night even better. 
Before braving the rain, we had dinner together at City Creek. Joining the throngs of other attendees, we then made our way to the conference center, umbrellas securely in hand.

Eliza didn't say much, but her expression did as she took in the impressive sight of the conference center. She seemed eager for things to begin. One of the greatest moments of the night was when the Prophet entered the room and the incredible buzz of voices suddenly disappeared. Quietly we stood to honor President Monson. It was powerful.
It was nice to have that time to be able to show Eliza physical affection (side hugs, tickling her back, holding hands) as we sat there without her younger siblings. However, despite my best efforts to keep her involved in the meeting, I could see that she was growing restless. A light bulb, slow to to register, finally went off in my brain. I had brought paper and pens for us to take notes. Once she had that in her possession, she was back in the meeting, taking notes complete with applicable, yet darling, illustrations.  
Another fun memory worth noting took place as we were making our exit. The conference center, still packed full of people, held a jubilant spirit. Possibly this feeling is what motivated me to stop and ask a sister missionary where she was from as she was passing by. Her name tag read: Sister Wu and a Chinese flag (I thought) was pinned near her missionary name tag.

She was the only sister missionary that I remember seeing that night. And, as it turns out, she was from China! Eliza lit up when she heard her this. She and Sister Wu had a brief, yet full, conversation in Chinese. Sister Wu seemed so delighted with Eliza's ability and friendliness. I was proud of Eliza for not hesitating or being shy with her use of language. 

At the end of their chat, my Mom turns to me and asks:

"What did they say?" Laughing, despite my best efforts, I reply: "How would I know? I don't speak Chinese!"

The spirit of that night continued into the next day as I prepared the children for their Primary Program. It really is the best Sunday of the year.
Knowing we'd have Grandparents in attendance and three darling faces to keep track of on the stand, I went into the chapel while they were practicing to find a good seat. With the two girls on one side and Henry on the other, I was torn. With it being Lottie's first program, I sat on the side nearest to her. I figured if I was in the very middle, I'd be able to see Henry too. However, at the time, I was unable to factor in the placement of the podium, the tissue box, the Primary President and other obstacles. Poor Henry was hard to see! However, when it came to read his part, he did a great job.
As for my girls, Eliza "stole the show"... perhaps, just in my book! She was asked a few weeks ago to sing a solo which she happily agreed to do. You couldn't tell she was nervous as she did a really beautiful job. I was crying before she sang her first note. I loved every second. For her speaking part, she was asked to write a talk about being baptized this year which she did.

Lottie Lou was daaaaaarling! I was a little nervous as she had expressed reservations about saying her part in the microphone in front of a large audience. Memories of her being too shy to give her talk in primary a few weeks prior were still fresh in my brain. These concerns proved unnecessary as she confidently said her part, "I love my family because..." (she got to fill in the blank) "I love my family because we play together at Miss Nancy's park."

It was probably the best primary program I've ever attended (I say this every year), with the exception of not being able to see Henry very well. I'm so thankful both sets of Grandparents were able to come and support our kids. It meant a lot to Andrew, me and the kids.

As for Forrest, the miracle of that day was that he didn't need to leave the chapel. I fed him a load of snacks and treats to keep him "happy" for that final hour of Church. However, during the closing song Forrest escaped and made his way to the front of the chapel. He walked to where his sister Lottie was standing and just stared up at her. It was pretty darn precious. In a blink, it will be his turn to participate.

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