Saturday, December 13, 2014

Adding a little Green to our Christmas - a visit to Temple Square

The holiday lights at temple square never disappoint. Taking a stroll downtown this time of year is a favorite tradition that was made extra special by grandparents and cousins.
The week following Thanksgiving, we did our best to squeeze in more time with our cousins from New York. On Wednesday, seeing as how it's "early out day" for the Flegal children, Nanna Teresa brought Truman and Chantel up to our house to play. Truman and Henry were scarce that afternoon as they disappeared upstairs to play. The girls, however, had fun baking peppermint kiss cookies with Nanna and me.  

They also danced for us.
Our visit to temple square that Thursday would be the last chance to see them before their flight back home. Having parked our car at city creek, we made our way to Main Street where we found everyone marveling over the candy window displays.
As I watched my children stare at each sweet masterpiece, I wished that I could peek inside their little minds for a moment. I longed to feel that rush of Christmas anticipation that a scene like this might  inspire in the heart of a child. Turning my attention across the street, I took in the majesty of the temple and felt a sudden surge of Christmas spirit. In that moment, I was grateful that my aged heart could feel merry on its own.  
The kids chased each other along the pavement, walked along the edge of the water features, were told (again and again) to climb down, asked for cookies, reluctantly posed for photos, asked for cookies again, talked about which color of lights were their favorite, listened to a choir of sister missionaries sing and asked again... if it was time for cookies.
Finally, we said "yes." Having randomly bumped into our generous friends the Downers, we were also treated to cups of hot chocolate.
Sour? Who me?

The exploration continued until Forrest's mood turned a little sour. We said our "Goodbye's" to those cute cousins and Aunt Liz; whom we all love so much.
Best buddies.
Until next time!

On the way back to our car, we stopped to watch a very exciting fountain show, set to holiday music, at City Creek. With the exception of Forrest, we were all enchanted by it. Forrest was scared out of his mind. He began to scream in his stroller. Henry, sweetly, answered the call.
At which point, my night was completely made.

The next night, we gathered at our ward for a Christmas party. The children participated in a nativity. Lottie and Henry were both asked to be animals. This is what we came up with.
Henry is a sheep and Lottie is a cat.
Eliza sang with a host of heavenly angels. 

We really love our ward. It was a lovely night.

And, because I love this picture so much, I'll end with this. 


*Jess* said...

what a great start to your Christmas season!

rachel garber said...

A sheep! I couldn't for the life of me guess what Henry was but I see it now. I'm so jealous Temple Square at Christmas is just pat of your life. 8 years in Idaho and I never once made it. Three years married in Wyoming and still haven't made it. We're hoping next year - Nix will love it. You guys have such a fun life!

Liz Green said...

It was so great to see you guys. Thanks for meeting up with us at Temple Square. Just got your Christmas card in the mail. xo