Sunday, December 28, 2014

Christmas Sundee

The Sunday before Christmas, we took our sweet time getting ready for Church. Again, I wanted to let the kids (ahem, and their Mom) sleep in and then evaluate them to make sure they were well enough to go. We were all void of fever and eating well. We made it to Sacrament meeting and thankfully, they weren't symptomatic.

I was so glad we were able to go. The kids were invited to go on the stand and sing with the other primary children. Lottie made it through one song and then, to our surprise, darted back down to where we were sitting. My little runaway candy cane looked seriously distressed. I was nervous that she was about to throw up or something but when we asked her what was wrong, she sweetly (and sadly) replied,

"Too many people were looking at me!" Andrew scooped her up in his arms, kissed her and said back,

"I completely understand that feeling." The meeting brought a beautiful feeling to our day. The music was beautiful.

So much love (and craziness!) here.

That night we went to my Mom's house where we were reunited with my brother Mark's family. They live in Alaska so having them in town is a major deal. My wonderful Mom had their Christmas houses waiting for them to decorate. She is tireless, it would seem, when it comes to creating these fun memories. Both of our Nanna's are simply amazing.
Forrest was in heaven. It took him awhile before he clued into what was going on but once it clicked in his brain that candy was covering the table and accessible, he was glued to that spot and begging his cousins to pass him treats.

After a delicious dinner, we watched as the kids put on the nativity. Forrest volunteered to be apart of the stage crew as he climbed on a piece of furniture and began playing with light switches.

Wanting to take after their Mom, the kids all chose to be "wise"-men. It's my blog. I can take liberties like that. :)
Lottie was a little disappointed that her present was empty. She opened it up after it was over thinking she'd find something special. :)
It was a great night.

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*Jess* said...

your kids are all so gorgeous!! :) I love their coordinating red sunday outfits!