Thursday, January 8, 2015

A White Christmas (2014 edition)

Before I am able to muster the will to open my eyes, my ears become aware of the sound of Christmas bells a snow plow. Instead of annoyance, a swell of excitement washes through my tired body.

"There must be snow outside! It snowed on Christmas Day!" I check my phone. It's 6:30 a.m. I wonder if Eliza's awake yet. Later I would learn that she woke up at 4:00 a.m. and found a return to sleep impossible. :) Knowing my Christmas casserole needs to be in the oven for 90 minutes, I tip toe out of bed and head to the kitchen. I pause to marvel at my backyard. Could Mother Nature have timed this magical arrival of snow any better? It has been months since we've had a snow storm like this! After putting the finishing touches on breakfast, I plug in all of our Christmas lights.

"Soak it in. Soak it in. Soak it in."

Suddenly, I hear one of my creatures stirring from their bedroom. I spy Forrest in his crib. He's not fully awake, but he is clearly troubled. I take the opportunity to scoop him up and rock him back to sleep. My view shifts between his now peaceful baby face to the beautiful view out his window. I can't help but give his sweet face a thousand kisses. My heart melts and aches as I wonder if I'm rocking my last Christmas baby. I thank Heavenly Father for him as we continue to rock.  

Christmas morning: the view from Forrest's room

Wondering if the kids might possibly sleep past 7:30 (slim chance), I return to my own bed. I should have known. 7:30, on the dot, these three kids bounce into our room.
"Okay guys! Hang on!" I instruct. Eliza's pleading to go downstairs is by far the loudest. "Dad and I need a few minutes. You can wait on the stairs!" Based on her reaction, you would have thought I had told her that the Grinch stole Christmas. She is pulling at her braids, trying desperately to ease this tension that's been born of {insane} excitement. Lottie makes me laugh as I watch her silently take in her sister's bizarre behavior. I ask Lottie if she's excited to open her presents. She assures me she is, but she remains super distracted by Eliza.
Henry proves a little distracted himself as he accidentally let's Forrest get away from him
while we make the futile attempt to take a photo with all four Fleglets on the stairs. 

Santa brought me a new video camera (huzzah!) so when Daddy has things set up and rolling, we give the kids the green light to hit their stockings. My kids look at their candy and think,

"Awesome! Breakfast is served!" And I think, "I need a new plan next year!"

"Kids! You can have one piece of candy!" Forrest forgoes his stash of candy entirely as he heads straight to the plate of cookies we left for Santa. He so kindly volunteers to take care of the leftover cookies.   
Before we begin, I demand  ask for another photo.
 Taking turns, they begin to open their gifts. Forrest isn't that interested in unwrapping his presents. He is most captivated by his new slide (which has proven to be the biggest hit at our house).

If you remember, all of my classy kids asked for a fart blaster for Christmas (I blame the target toy catalog). Lottie was the lucky recipient as I told Santa we didn't need three at our house. She also was excited to finally receive her own Anna and Elsa dolls, their ice palace/castle, art supplies and a new scooter.
Henry inherited my enthusiasm when it comes to generously thanking the world for his presents. Watching him open his presents was a lot of fun. He opened legos, a Zoomer dino (way cool toy) and bey blades.
Eliza had a wonderful time too. Santa made good on her request for a "fun Christmas sweater," Lego friends, Little House on the Prairie Books, art supplies, a bow and arrow and new clothes for her doll Grace.
Breakfast (the official one) came next.

 Check out my Christmas cards! I love them. 
That's the only photo I have them.

We let the kids play with their toys awhile and gave Forrest a nap before we piled everyone in the car for special Christmas visits.
They built with Legos.

Played dolls
Painted pretty pictures

Once Forrest was in his bed, the kids rushed to put on their snow clothes to go play outside with their Dad.
"Soak it in. Soak it in. Soak it in."

The rest of our day included a stop to Nana Marie and Papa's house. We didn't stay long as it was our year to be with the Flegals. I'm glad we still were able to visit and open gifts with everyone. Both of our parents are thoughtful and generous gift givers. We are so blessed to be the recipients of so much love and care.

After a delicious dinner at the Flegal's, Nanna Teresa asked the kids to put on a nativity which helped us all re-center on the true meaning of our day's celebrations.

It was a very Merry Christmas. Here's to a healthy, safe and prosperous New Year!
Henry and Syrelle as Joseph and Mary
Beautiful angels, Ellie and Eliza

Max the Wiseman

I wish I had taken photos of the other kids. They looked great!
Lottie, who was exhausted and has an aversion to attention, opted not to participate.

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