Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Adventures in Oral Surgery

I ended my previous post with the following wish:

"Here's hoping that January delivers a few adventures that aren't related to illness."

Well, guess what? January delivered! Although, I suppose I should have been more specific and wished for adventures of the fun and happy variety. Today's tale begins with a bump on a lip.

Early December, I sat patiently with Eliza as she stared at her dinner. The rest of the family had already been excused from the table. This {most} picky eater of mine was mentally gearing up to finish what was left on her plate. As I sat there waiting, I began to study her intelligent, and in this moment stubborn, little face. That's when I noticed a shockingly tall, dome shaped, bump on the inside of her bottom lip. 

"What is that?!" She knew immediately what I was referring to. Before she answers, I blurt out a few more questions. "Does it hurt?" And finally, "How long has it been there?" She tells me that it's been there since Halloween time and that she didn't want me to know about it because in her mind, it was a canker sore. She attributed its formation to having had a lot of sugar. Why she believed this, I am not sure.

"I didn't want to tell you because I thought you'd take away my Halloween candy." Cankers don't last that long, so I thought. Google eventually backed me up. I decided we'd keep an eye on it for awhile. A few weeks pass and the bump was looking smaller, so I relaxed some. January, blessed January, rolled around and I noticed that the bump was large again. This didn't sit well with me so I took her into the dentist who then referred us to an oral surgeon. 

 After our initial evaluation with him, we scheduled to have it removed the following day. Per his recommendation, Eliza was put under via anesthesia for the procedure. She was ultra nervous about the IV in her arm but her anesthesiologist was a rock star. She didn't notice the poke at all. I was able to stay with her until she was "out." It was unusual and somewhat disconcerting to watch her slowly lose consciousness.
 This was taken before the IV was put in.
Off to La La land she goes.
Just about there.
Waking back up.

When I met her in the recovery room, I saw that her tears had left her sweet face red and splotchy. She was extremely emotional. It made me so sad. I held her hand and read to her from a book she had brought until she felt well enough to go to the car. She was both hungry and thirsty as she had been fasting, doctor's orders, all morning so we stopped to get her a slurpee before heading home for some jello. She has a few stitches on her lip but they should dissolve on their own real soon. As for "the bump" that was removed, it was sent to Idaho (I don't know why) to be biopsied. I phoned today to see if there was an update and learned that it would be another week (ugh!) as the person they sent it to is out of town. I am not going to alarm myself with worry until there is a reason to be but am frustrated that the wait has been extended from what they originally said.

Coming home, I discovered that I had received an unexpected package in the mail. I beamed when I saw who it was from and was overwhelmed with gratitude for the thoughtful gesture.
Those peanut butter cups are the new love in my life.
This dear friend is responsible for helping me fall in love with the process of cooking for my family. And when I say process,  I mean the meal planning, the shopping and preparing of her always winning recipes. She has become my friend through blogging and as much as I love her recipes, I really admire her attitude towards Motherhood. Her writing style is so great, which is what drew me to her recipes to begin with. In addition to her recipes, she recommends spot on holiday gifts at Christmas time, has introduced me to a great new author and most recently, with her package, she introduced me to Trader Joe's (I've sadly never been). Thank you so much, Mel! It couldn't have come at a better time.

 Forrest woke up from his nap that day a little grumpy.
So I let him sample one of the suckers she sent and he perked right up!
"They're organic? Really Mom?! That's great!"
Friday night Andrew went to the temple with our ward while I stayed with Eliza who had requested that I not leave. Saturday, I decided that the chores must wait. After weeks of being sick, we needed to get out. Lucky for us, some friends invited us to the church to play floor hockey. We all had a great time. My favorite was when they took a halftime break to play a few rounds of duck, duck, goose per Lottie's request.
Cute Lottie is all smiles again after being sick. 

That afternoon I took Eliza to Cherry Berry for a little frozen yogurt action. It was her reward for being brave during her procedure. Next we went to Bath and Body works, her request, to do a little shopping. It was great to have some one on one time with her. When I came home, I found Andrew and Henry out in the chicken coop having their own bonding moment. 
Eliza at Cherry Berry. 
Yes, she ate it all: chocolate mint, strawberries and Nerds. Of course.
She was nearly a Popsicle herself when she climbed back in the car. 
But for her, it was worth it. 

Eliza has been saving up her money for our trip to the mall. She took thirteen dollars with her. After finding a few fun things in the 75% off discount pile (she's frugal!) at Bath and Body works, she thought that she'd spend the rest of her money on some earrings from Claires. However, as she and I perused the Quilted Bear (alert, alert: my transformation to being a Mom is fully complete as I find that I LOVE that place!) she spotted a Beanie Boo. The struggle was REAL as she debated between the adorable stuffed animal and the earrings. I listened as the part of her that is still a child battled with my future tween. I stayed neutral throughout the debate but was secretly thrilled when the child won as she chose the beanie boo. 

She is a darling girl and will be a wonderful young woman someday, but I am urging her to take her time!! Having had a great time together, we decided to reconnect with the rest of our family for an outing to the movies. 
It's a huge gamble taking a 20 month old to a movie so we kept our expectations low and agreed to split the time in the halls with him if it came to that. Forrest did pretty well all things considered, but yes, we did eventually end up walking the aisle with him. He was thrilled when he discovered a fire extinguisher while I was horrified when I saw that the case it was in was both easy for him to reach and unlocked. Distracting him from that mission proved difficult as he really wanted to get his hands on it. The whole family loved the movie. It was nice to get out of the house and be together. I'll keep you posted on the results of Eliza's biopsy.

And last but not least, enjoy my latest mom fail.
Guess whose class celebrated 100 DAYS of school today? (Henry's) Guess whose Mom was the only one to forget to pack 100 items in the paper sack his teachers provided? (This Mom.) I was horrified when I made the realization when I picked him up from school today. As we drove home, it was Henry who consoled me and took accountability for our mistake. I was THAT upset. I've been trying to make it up to him as I promised to give him 100 hugs before the end of the day. He thinks his Mom is hilarious and said that he wants to keep me anyway. Thank goodness for that.


*Jess* said...

It sounds like she had a mucous seal. I, too, had one last summer. Mine was scheduled to be removed during my wisdom teeth surgery. However, my oral surgeon FORGOT! I had to go back the next week to get it removed. This time, however, I wasn't under anesthesia. Please be glad you took your surgeon's advice to have her put under. It was horrible being awake for it. There is so much blood and they have to spend a lot of time stitching. Pathology reports are standard. Mine was not cancerous. They usually aren't :) Try not to worry! Also, expect a bill from pathology labs. You can break up the scar tissue by massaging her spot after the stitches dissolve.

Katie Jensen said...

Mel seems like an A+ person. Can't wait to see you guys tomorrow.

rachel garber said...

I love that you and Mel are friends. I'm jealous! I've cooked a lot of things from her blog over the years and was so excited she moved to Idaho. That's how weird I am.

I'm glad that everything turned out ok for Eliza, that's scary and Google doesn't help! She looks so sad after she came out of anesthesia.

You have the best boy in Henry. He is fantastic.

Eunice Greer said...

What a brave little girl you have. It looks like she did great during her oral surgery, which can be nerve-wracking even for adults. I have learned to follow my doctor’s advice regarding eating soft foods like yogurt and ice cream, and taking the pain medicine he prescribed. Sending you best wishes for an all clear result on the biopsy.

Marco said...

There are very few things in this world that can make an adult revert to a childlike state out of fear but having to go to the dentist is one of those things. Having a oral surgery done as you have described it makes a visit to the dentist even more terrible. I give you a lot of credit for your guts.