Friday, January 16, 2015

And just like that, it's 2015!!

Well, hello 2015!  

I'm 16 days late in welcoming you to the good old blog, but when you consider how blogging itself is an endangered species you should really be thankful that you're still here. :) One thing I do hope to be better at this year is to recap less and blog more "in the moment." Writing is most enjoyable to me when I allow myself to write what is on my mind right then; opposed to feeling that pressure to squeeze everything in. In other words, get ready for more FEELINGS and EMOTION and MATERNAL REFLECTION. All these words turn on my husband so much. (Ha, ha! Not true.) His resolution is to stay caught up on my blog. Right babe?

The year ended with feelings of failure and panic when I realized that our awesome neighbors were not hosting their yearly New Years Eve bash leaving with us a night wide open! Eliza was looking forward to doing "something" so we all put our heads together and argued came up with a plan. 

We decided on going to dinner at Warrens. The good news was they were open! The bad news was they would be closing five minutes after we received our food. 

"No pressure kids, but eat quick. We'd appreciate it so much if you wouldn't choke in the process."  I probably would have taken a picture, because WHY NOT, but we were under a time restraint. All of that didn't matter too much because dinner at Warrens wasn't the main event. Our brilliant (read: cheap) idea was to take the kids to Ogden's very own Nicklecade!
I'm torn about how I ought to describe the experience. Part of me feels the need to warn you that the facility is slightly worn down, that you may want to immediately shower your family when you return home just because and that a a few of the "attractions" broke down or simply ate our nickles. Not to mention, the single employee was incredibly overwhelmed handling the needs of her patrons on her own. The other part of me is kind of embarrassed to say that none of that matters because our kids had a total blast and it was in fact a very affordable outing. Is it a NYE tradition in the making? Probably not. Next year (technically this year), my vote is a party at home. 

Eliza received permission to stay up with us until midnight. I would have gone to bed, to be honest, but she was so excited to try to stay awake.
 My exhausted face is proof that she did in fact make it to midnight. We turned on the Ryan Seacrest count down on t.v. Thanks to her enthusiasm, the two of us jumped up and down as we counted down those last seconds together. "! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!"

And then it was off to find coats as two of our neighbors were preparing to put on, what would become, the best fireworks display since we've lived here. It really was an impressive show and each year we feel quite spoiled that we get to take it in from our front porch. This was the first year we didn't have to pull a sleeping Eliza from her bed to enjoy it (per her request). 
Sadly, this was the only photo that turned out. They were really awesome!
Earlier in the day on New Year's Eve, we hosted our favorite little yahoos for an afternoon play date.  
In case you forgot, Forrest still doesn't like having his picture taken on the stairs.

This was the second occasion during our Christmas break that we were able to have our Mays cousins up to play (Flegal cousins: the door is ALWAYS open!). Their prior visit included a little "sledding" with Uncle Andrew. 

He is no fun at all. ;) And I believe our backyard possess magical qualities.
Don't let Forrest's expression fool you. He was in HEAVEN!

Here are a few miscellaneous photos from Christmas break. The quality isn't great, but I'll keep them anyway. :)
I really like when they are all together. 

On January 8th, Forrest hit the 20 month mark. (Waaaaaahhhh!!!!!)
And a sweet one with sissy.

I'm happy/sad to report that school started up again. The routine that school brings is great, but a new round of germs has invaded our home. Henry has re-acquired his winter cough and Forrest has croup for the second time in two months. But this time, as an added bonus, he also has an ear infection. I feel awful for him!! 

Lottie's return to school included a pajama party, which she enjoyed. I love that she insisted on wearing her pink cowgirl boots. 
She was also recently gifted with a CTR ring. I am amazed that she hasn't lost it yet. She has been nurturing it well.
Do you see the ring on her hand? 
And Forrest's favorite time of day continues to be when the kids come home from school.
Speaking of gifts, Aunt Ami and Uncle Adam handed this great train table down to Forrest! 
Trains are his favorite, "Choo-Choo"

In addition to school, it was back to business in other ways. Henry recently had a visit with his eye doctor and I made the HUGE mistake of taking all of the children. Forrest was all over the place! For future visits, he will be staying home with a babysitter!
 Thankfully, they do have a playroom where we could wait.
 The kids were all gifted with fancy sunglasses from the eye doctor's office.
Last Saturday, after taking Forrest to the doctor, I was able to sneak away for a bit. 
We took my Mom to lunch for her birthday along with my Dad and brother Matt. 
It was nice to be together. 
I remain super grateful to be close to family. My sister Ami really is amazing too.

It finally snowed again! 
And it was so beautiful.
Sunday, Henry came home from Church early. 
He wasn't feeling well and I was already home with Forrest. 
I enjoyed our one on one time together while Forrest napped. 
He is a great helper in the kitchen. 

That's enough random catch up for now. Hopefully I'll be back to write about "feelings" and other awful nonsense soon. Happy 2015 friends. I hope it's a great year for us all.

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rachel garber said...

Happy New Year! I hope it's full of more healthy days than not and maybe one more trip to that nickelcade because seriously, how often do you find super cheap entertainment like that, that is wholesome? :)