Thursday, January 8, 2015

Christ our Lord: Eliza's Christmas poem

I was so touched by a poem that Eliza wrote about her Savior that I wanted to share it here. You think your kids aren't paying close attention, but then something like this poem happens and you are blown away. I love you Eliza. Thank you for sharing your testimony in such a beautiful way. We "shared the gift" by including copies of her poem with our neighborhood gifts this year. 

Christ Our Lord
by Eliza Flegal, age 8
(written December 2014)

God sent Jesus down to earth, 
In a manger where Mary gave birth. 
Jesus grew up as a young child,
His spirit was tender and mild. 
He grew up and in the temple he taught, 
and his heart was like a warm thought. 
Jesus was older and miracles he did,
He did not know these blessings as a kid. 
Christ let the deaf hear and the blind see,
But we do not know his key.
What about the 5,000 people he fed?
Jesus did a miracle with the fish and bread. 
Just like that he could calm a storm,
And if it was cold he could make it warm!
He fasted for 44 days,
and his Father helped him in many different ways.
Christ blessed each child one by one,
It seemed like he did it until the day was done.
He helped other up if they fell down,
But Jesus was never a silly clown. 
He let the devil out of a person's skin,
plus in Heaven, God would let him in. 
Jess was pretty darn great,
but he died at a certain date. 
I love Jesus so do you,
that's why we have a holiday for him too.


Vause Family said...

Oh my goodness! Ali, what a special poem!

Teresa McCormack Flegal said...

That is so touching. You need to correct Jess to Jesus near the end. I wish she were close so I could give her a big HUG! What an amazing girl. It's fun watching her bloom.