Thursday, January 8, 2015

Christmas Eve 2014

Highlights from Christmas Eve 2014 include:
  • A solo trip to the grocery store. The key word here is: solo (wahoo!).
  • Finishing up our 12 days of Christmas and neighborhood gift deliveries.
  • Decorating Christmas cookies for Santa. By the way, when do sprinkles expire? We have had the same ones for years... 
Santa didn't need that many cookies, so we helped ourselves.
  • Our afternoon drive to Nana Marie's also served as nap time for Henry and Lottie. Preparing for Santa is exhausting business!
  • While at Nana and Papa's house, we enjoyed dinner and a movie (Home Alone) with our Alaska cousins. We laughed and laughed. I wanted to freeze time. It was so great to be together and remember a world when you would have to rely on a pay phone to try and make contact with the child you'd left back in Chicago.
 My Mom's delicious dessert was also involved. It was Forrest approved.
  • These bullet points are kind of dumb. I thought it would help me be brief. I apologize.
  • One of the best parts of that day was the drive back home. The anticipation and excitement for Santa's imminent arrival was palpable! The kids squealed with delight as the song, "Santa Clause is Coming to Town" played on the radio. When it came time to sing the chorus, we changed the word "town" to "tonight!" 
  • Coming home, we gathered around our tree to open Christmas jammies and this year's new ornament. Brushing teeth and setting the cookies out for Santa came next. 
Forrest may or may not have snagged one of Santa's cookies.
And, in case I forget, 
Christmas morning he went straight to the plate of cookies 
and finished off the cookies Santa didn't have room in his belly for. :) 
  • And finally, the kids cuddled up in Daddy's lap to read the story: The Night Before Christmas. The giddiness that was threatening to swallow Eliza whole, was contagious. I felt it wash through me as I took in the scene.
  • We confirmed with Eliza that she was allowed to come into our room at 7:30. Songs, scriptures and bedtime hugs wrapped up a wonderful day. As the children mused whether or not we'd receive snow, I kept quiet. Well aware of the forecast, I thought it would be a fun surprise if I didn't fill them in. The best was yet to come. 
  • Shortly after Midnight, I caught a glimpse of the living room. Santa came! 

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