Monday, January 19, 2015


Is it February yet?

Oh you guys.

The cold and flu season has been very unkind to my family this year. I have to remind myself (or lie to myself) that these frequent spells of awfulness aren't a reflection of my seemingly poor mothering abilities. Although, to be totally honest, I am more than happy to take the credit when we're enjoying a streak of good health. *double standard alert*
Sick little Lottie quickly passes out on the drive to pick Eliza up from school.
Henry missed four days of school last week. Lottie likewise stayed home from preschool and dance class. This month's flavor of yuck includes: fever, aches, chills, nosebleeds (why, oh why?) and powerful, incessant coughing fits. Forrest is on the mend, thank goodness. Croup is awful business and I would guess that the amoxicillin he's been taking for his ear infection might have helped him avoid the depths of despair his older siblings have reached. But in all honesty, I don't have a clue!
The good news is, Eliza doesn't get slammed the same way the younger kids do. It gives me hope that as children grow, so does their ability to combat these germs. And why I wish so much that they were healthy, Henry and Lottie have benefited from having a best pal to lounge around and recuperate with.
If we continue to focus on the bright side, Andrew and I have remained healthy (*update: this remained true until Saturday night. I am now sick.). Andrew isn't away on business either. This week I was able to do relief society visits, which really lifted my mood and Thursday night, after all the kids were in bed, I was able to spend time with my "power of mom" friends (more on them later, because they are great).

Errands are put on hold indefinitely when children are sick. Those weekly outings and routines come to a halt and you are left to wonder, as you stare at your thinning pantry, what you will be feeding your family for dinner. Awhile later, out of the blue, you receive a text from a friend who has no idea how sick your little family is.

"Hey!" It reads: "I'm at Costco. Do you need me to pick you up anything?" You then thank your Heavenly Father for a friend who listens to promptings. An hour later, she's dropping off a rotisserie chicken and a bag of broccoli. You are set for dinner.
This experience is pretty simple, but very appreciated. It was a comforting reminder to know that even in the middle of challenging weeks, there are good people close by who are ready to help.

Speaking of having good people "close by"... on Friday night, Eliza asked her Dad to take her to the dollar store so she could buy Lottie and Henry presents to show them how sorry she was that they are sick. Coming home, she lovingly wrapped them up and set them aside until morning.
Lottie and Henry were both delighted by her thoughtfulness. Check out that hug! (I didn't even have to initiate that!)
Eliza and Lottie went right to work on assembling the Barbie puzzle.
Saturday we worked on projects around the house and I was able to make it to Costco and Walmart before this nasty bug caught up to me. Hopefully, Henry and Lottie are improved enough to go back to school next week. We're being careful not to share this with friends because it is the pits.
Organizing the pantry...
Does anyone else do before and after pictures? 
It gives me motivation to begin in the first place.

Here's hoping that January delivers a few adventures that aren't related to illness. But as Eliza and others have reminded me, I reckon that there's more goodness going around than flu.
Forrest is 20 months old
and still enjoys eating blue markers.