Thursday, January 8, 2015

Share the Gift

I begin with these two videos. They really touched me this year. I hope you have already seen them.

Having been inspired by these videos, we realized as parents that there is more for us to do than to teach our children about the Savior and His birth. We need to show them, and practice for ourselves, how to give like He gave. I know. Here I go becoming self righteous and obnoxious all over again. 

We will never attain that level of goodness, like our Savior, or hold that much compassion. However, we feel that it makes our Heavenly Father happy when we try to be like His Son. This is our goal. That does not mean we gracefully achieved it or are perfect parents. I promise. We fail at many things. I lose my temper. I embarrass my kids. They argue daily. They correct me at times. But our family tried and we will keep trying because we were asked so many times this season to 'share the gift.'

As a family we decided that something we could do would be to cheer up people who were sad. So we took some silly photos to symbolize that goal and made a plan.
Henry looks like he's a constipated elf. And that's funny, right? Maybe that's inappropriate to say. But this picture makes me laugh every time.
As for Andrew, he had the idea to do the 12 days of Christmas for a family. It soon became my project, but it was his idea. It proved to be a great one as I watched the children's enthusiastic reactions as they helped select and deliver the daily gifts. I'm posting what we did so I can reference the idea if we choose to do this again in the future. 
The credit for most of my ideas come from this blog that I found via pinterest.
Eliza did so much in sharing the gift through her masterful nativity that she made using  toilet paper rolls and scraps of fabric. It was simply perfect and I will love it all my life.

 Mary, baby Jesus and Joseph

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