Thursday, February 12, 2015

Good things

Growing up, my family and I would gather around my parent's bed for nightly prayer. In unison, we'd say: "Amen," at its conclusion. And then, in a chorus like fashion, the children would sing out the words:

"Good things!!"

This was the cue to our parent's that we were looking forward to hearing them praise each of us individually. Looking at us one by one, they would share with the family a "good thing" we did that day. They might express gratitude for someone who happily followed through on a chore. Or perhaps they observed us doing something kind for someone else or they noticed that we worked really hard at baseball practice. You get the idea. It was something they implemented as a way of letting us know that they were paying attention and appreciated us for making good choices. It ended our day on a positive note and reinforced to us that we were valued and loved. It was a simple tradition but had a big effect on me. Sometimes we would end up laughing as they would have to pause a minute, or more, as they racked their brain, trying to remember something good a particular child (*cough *cough:  MICHAEL) did. I'm just kidding. Well, kind of.

As I've been looking through my pictures on my phone, I find that I'm looking for those same "good things;" not just the things my children do but I'm trying to find the good things in our day to day life in an effort to be a more grateful (which might be code for 'obnoxious') person.

Having shared that memory, I will now proceed with a few "good things."  

Let's begin with Lottie. She got to bring home "Little Lambie" from preschool. It was up to me to record their time together in Little Lamb's journal and safely return her to school. Little Lamb had a sleepover with Lottie:
(...and we wonder why our children get sick so easily, because I'm pretty sure Little Lamb has a sleepover with all of her classmates when visiting their homes...)
Little Lamb observed Lottie at her tumbling/tap dance class. Lottie can now do a "bridge" which took her months to learn but she's now able to get her head that's full of so much brain off of the ground. That's a good thing. Way to go Lottie! 
They also enjoyed quality time putting a puzzle together. 

Last weekend, Lottie and I got to attend cousin Sara's birthday party! Living near to a beloved cousin is definitely a good thing. Lottie adores her. 
My look-a-like sister and I gave birth to look-a-like cousins. 

Because we're trying to outspend my sister's family in medical bills this year, I took Eliza and Henry to the dentist to have some work done. Eliza had a cavity that needed to be filled while Henry needed his top tooth pulled. Unlike his sister, he has never had a cavity so it was quite alarming to him when he learned that he'd need a shot to numb his mouth before having his tooth pulled.
"Noooooooooo!" The good thing was, Henry decided to be very brave. 

"Word on the street is," I began, "the Tooth Fairy brings a little extra money to those who have to have their teeth pulled by the dentist." The dental assistant very quickly backed me up. 

This story takes a sad turn as the tooth fairy didn't make it to our house that night. #momfail. He woke up the next morning heart broken. The good thing was, because we freely deceive our children in such a way, Henry didn't blame me at all. 
He won't be "toothless Tilly" for long as his new permanent tooth is already visible. It was growing in behind his baby tooth which is why it needed to be pulled. Thankfully that spacey tooth fairy got her act together the following night.  
Utah has been singing non-stop over the mild weather we've been enjoying these past few weeks. That has probably been the best thing to have happened to all of us. After our self imposed quarantine in January, it's been wonderful to be back outside. I spontaneously sent a text to a few friends the other day to see if anyone wanted to meed me at our neighbor's park. I was surprised when they ALL showed up. It was hard to know if the Mom's or kids were happiest to be outside. 
Here's another good thing. The other day, we stopped by the park on our walk home from school. Lottie immediately asks, "Henry will you push me on the swing?" Without hesitating, he agreed. Looking through my pictures I saw that he commonly does this for Lottie.
Eliza will turn any spot, into a reading spot. She reads, reads, reads and then reads some more. Until a fun friend shows up. Then she might put her book away.
When playing outside, we layer Forrest's cast with a sock and tighten it with a rubber band at the top in an attempt to prevent sand from making its way inside of his cast. Despite our best efforts, I predict that when it's all said and done and that cast is removed, we will find a great deal of sand, possibly a fruit snack or two and a couple of lego pieces.
He is so cute these days. We are all enjoying him so much.
Even though he's busy plotting something that will give his Mother a fright.

Eliza is growing up. This was made evident by her ability to sleep in past nine on Saturday. I'm sure she'll continue to break her own sleeping in records as she grows.
Saturday I came home from the grocery store and saw my four kids in the yard with Andrew. I was overcome with happiness. I stopped what I was doing to just sit and watch "my life" for a few minutes as they played with bunnies outside.

Then I asked if Andrew if we could have just one more baby and he laughed in my face. (bad thing).


Andrew Flegal said...

Thank you

Andrew Flegal said...

Thank you

rachel garber said...

Eliza slept past nine?! I dream of the day Nixon will do that.

Teresa McCormack Flegal said...

Oh how I love reading your posts. It makes me feel like I've been a little bug in your pocket seeing these fun things myself. I love you for so many things but one big one is for recording these experiences for me to enjoy. LOVE YOU