Wednesday, February 4, 2015

The one where Forrest Flegal fractures his foot

Once upon a time, in a house most messy and chaotic, lived a small boy who was beloved by all who dwelt there. His name was Forrest and like most pint sized heroes, he was adventurous, handsome and a little bit naughty. In his defense, he was wired with a most vibrant curiosity which propelled him places he should, but mostly shouldn't, go.
In addition to his curious nature, his personal arsenal includes the brain of a problem solver, tiny fingers allowing him access to dangers cracks and crevices, an innate magnetic pull to all things unsafe and a house full of step stools and chairs.  

Kitchen chairs stand at the ready; waiting for his command. They beckon to him, offering their assistance to help him scale tables and counters. They also assist him in helping unlock doors of any kind; his favorite being the one leading to a magical place where cars sleep... the garage! The pantry is his for the taking with the help of his trusty chair. When in a bind, he'll settle for a step stool. The possibilities really are endless. His lady servant, we'll call her "Mom," tries to match his wit by keeping said chairs tipped upside down for most hours of the day. Rather than feeling frustrated by her continuous attempts to thwart his plans of exploration, he accepts the challenge as he brews future ideas.

Moving on from the chairs, he steals innocent plastic cups and helps himself to the fridge dispenser where he has full access to water. His heart begins to sing, "A WHOLE NEW WORLD" with great enthusiasm as he fills the cup to its brim. Once again, his plot to flood the earth is halted by that ever present creature, Mom. He watches in horror as she presses the "Locked" button on said dispenser.

"That's it!" He vows. The moment her back is turned, he takes that poor, helpless cup and heads to the toilet where he resumes filling water and dumping it everywhere. This plan is usually most effective when she's busy ruining the lives of his other, less gutsy, comrades (read: siblings). When cups are in low supply, he'll settle for throwing things into the toilet including, but not limited too: his eldest sister's prized pink running shoes.

He thinks throwing things away into the garbage can without the Mom's consent is funny. He laughs to himself as he thinks,

"She'll never see this again!"

If he spoke, his two favorite words would be "cause" and "effect." He delights in being the one who flips a light switch off and then on (and then repeated one thousand more times). Electrical sockets fascinate him more than anything on planet Earth. A close second being the neighborhood garbage truck. Watching that truck work its magic each week is always a highlight.

Forrest's life as an explorer keeps him pretty content until he realizes that there's a great big world outside his back door. When the comrades are out and about without him, the pain of being left out is overwhelming. He will wail in despair and plead with that Mom creature once more to LET HIM OUTSIDE! Fortunately, there's this other guy. He kind of smells, but he's pretty great. Forrest calls him 'Daaaah'. Apparently, he's only worthy of a single syllable. He and Da are on the same wave length. In fact, legend has it that Da's nickname growing up was, 'the Master of Disaster.' Forrest thinks that's pretty cool. He loves to give Da loves and hugs and cheers when his car returns home to that cool place, you know... the garage. Da takes him outside! And he loves him for it. The Creature Mom does too but Forrest would rather give credit to Da.
Where did the chicken go, Forrest? 
"I don't know!" 

On a recent adventure, injury struck our curious explorer. However, when you consider his track record, the accident itself happened in a most innocent way. It was the night following Eliza's oral surgery procedure so Mom's attention was scattered, her energy zapped. Dad was away for the evening so she made a mental 'escape' in a book. Before that, she had managed to clean the kitchen and sweep the floor. A game of tag broke out between Forrest and his super cool brother, Henry. While Mom sat on the couch, reading her book (in the great room which connects to the kitchen), she could hear Forrest laughing manically as he chased his older brother around and around. Their combined sounds of laughter were both comforting and rewarding after a long day. It signaled all was well between the brothers so she kept her nose in the book.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, Forrest begins to wail. She looks up to see him sitting on the middle of her clean floor, grasping at his left foot. He is sobbing. Despite his mischievous ways, she can't resist the pull of his cries. She scoops up her young adventurer and begins to smother his face in kisses. What caused his fall? There wasn't a Lego in sight. The floor, in all truthfulness, was void of clutter and dirt. After settling him down, she looks at that clock to see it's well past his bedtime and attributes the extra drama attached to his fall to the late hour.

For as busy as he is, he always allows that Mom of his to rock, sing and snuggle him in his rocking chair before he sleeps. He would never admit this, but he loves this more than being outside; at least that's what she tells herself. Anyway, that night he sleeps poorly. He beckons for the Mom creature several times. Finally, she gives him some motrin and he's able to sleep through his foot pain.

Saturday morning it is clear that his pain is worse as Forrest will not walk a single step. This alarms the Mom creature so she disappears to the upstairs shower, leaving Forrest behind with Da. As she takes in the recent stress of her daughter's oral surgery and the weeks of illness at their home, she proceeds to cry it out herself, ugly style.

For the 27th time that month, she calls the pediatrician's office and explains his foot symptoms. "Give it time" is their final instruction. Da is in agreement as he's been rotating ankles, pressing spots on his foot, etc. Andrew, the son of a podiatrist, has not detected any red flags.

"But he isn't walking on it!" How's that for a red flag? Seriously!

Still, she agrees to wait. Forrest begins to walk on his foot a few hours later. He "babies" it in places and is limping. However, he is not crying about it anymore. So how bad can it be, right? Ha, ha.

A full week passes and that limp remains. He cries in protest whenever his Mom suggest he wear shoes. So, other than their visit to the zoo, he goes without them. Friday morning, Forrest's walls come down. That darn foot hurts so much and Mom notices. After talking with Bubba, she knows that an x-ray is in order. A few hours later, it's confirmed that his foot is fractured. It's a small fracture, but he'll still needs a cast.
Forrest cried and cried during the x-ray. 
They took great care of him at Ogden Regional 
and gave him that darling teddy bear when he was all done.

Saturday morning, he screams in protest (much like he did during the x-ray) as he is fitted for his cast. The moment the doctor completes his casting work, Forrest is happy.
He has not seemed bothered by it in the least. The Mom creature felt some sanity return as she saw how easily he adjusted to it. Things were going well until they returned home and he took his first few steps on the hardwood floor.



That was the sound of Forrest falling onto his back as his cast so easily slipped against the hardwood floor. Never fear! DAAAAAHHH to the rescue! Proving he's the rock star parent once more, he rummages through his garage for a piece of leather. A short while later he has fashioned an ingenious covering for the cast which allows Forrest the adventurer to wander anywhere he pleases. All is well.
...until he wakes up in the middle of the night and realizes that his cast combined with the rails of his crib make an awesome DRUM!! He doesn't cry for his parents, but serenades himself a good while before returning to sleep.
Of all the talents he possess, his greatest weapon is his charm. He is easy to forgive, loveable beyond words, helpful when he wants to be and very, very silly. We remain smitten with him despite the inconvenient safety measures we've had to put in place; not to mention the personal fortresses we've had to build to protect certain spaces and possessions. Eliza's fortress, built to keep him out of her room, is the most impressive.

We love you so much Forrest. I'm very sad to see you in a cast, but I've grown rather fond of the darling "clunk" sound you make when you walk on the hardwood floor. I'm sure we'll miss that when your cast is off in three weeks.
Ready for his shower!

As your nursery leader said on Sunday, "Oh Ali. I'm sure that's just the first of many casts to come for Forrest." I hope she's wrong, but she's probably right. I LOVE YOU!!!

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