Monday, March 16, 2015

A super seven year old named Henry!

For today's post there will be a recap of the birthday boy's big day, the birthday party that followed and my annual, sappy, birthday love letter.

 I love that he is still "little" enough to want to wear a birthday button to school!
 one-two-three-four-five-six-SEVEN balloons!
Happy birthday Henry!
Andrew worked from home on Henry's birthday. 
It was special because he brought and ate lunch with Henry in the school cafeteria. 
Henry's birthday lunch request: a baked potato from Wendy's and a frosty.
 After school, Henry and I looked through the "birthday wish" book his class made him. 
They wished him lots of great things, but my favorite was this one:
"Hhappy Brthtday Henry i wish you a grlfrend."

With Daddy working from home, he was able to open his gifts as soon as school ended.
 His first "pocket genius" book. 
This was a recommendation from Mel. 
He LOVES it!
Forrest was quite sick the day of his birthday so we ditched the family 
and went on a date to Noodles and Company. 
Coming home, we had birthday donuts, sang Happy birthday 
and opened one last present; Baymax.
 Your birthday party was on Saturday afternoon. 
One friend could not come and another met us at  Dartside. 
Before leaving for Dartside, we had cake, ice cream and opened gifts. 
  Daddy took the party crew to Dartside and plalyed right along with the kids. 
I heard they had a wonderful time!
A friend at Church asked Henry what the best part of his birthday was and this is what she heard:
"I went to the Dark side!" She didn't quite understand. 
We shared a good laugh as I explained to her what Dar-t-side is.

Finally, my letter.
March 11, 2010
Henry's second birthday
Dear Henry,

Happy birthday to our awesome seven year old! I hope you know that I love being your Mom! When I think about all the reasons why I love you, I feel a little overwhelmed. It would be a very long list if I was to write each reason down. I will do my best to briefly summarize my thoughts so you're not stuck in your chair for too long reading this letter; not to mention, there's a solid chance you've inherited your Dad's attention span so I better try my best to be concise!

One of the first attributes that comes to mind when I think about you is the way you nurture others. You are a wonderful big brother who truly dotes on Forrest. You fulfill favors when asked but also find joy as you take initiative to play and help him without being asked. This is especially true when you are outside together. With Lottie, I find that you are kind, patient (usually) and sweet with her at bedtime as you two share a room. If you could have it your way, you would have your own room so I feel grateful when I see you making the best of that situation even when she wakes you up early to play or asks that you read her one more book before bed. Eliza is your confidant. You still look up to her and I hope you always will as she is a great example. 
Your love extends from your brother and sisters to our animals. You work hard to make sure those eggs are collected, that there is the right amount of food and water and that the bunnies get that straw each day. You and the chickens seem to have a real friendship as they allow you to tote them around the yard, climbing up ladders, riding on wiggle carts and cruising down slides. When Dad is out of town, you proudly declare that you will be, "the man of the house." I recently defined the word "chivalrous" for you and smile so big when you take my hand and "help" me up the stairs whenever I'm coming into the house. You also like to hold open doors and carry the heavy church bag. You seem to really like my huge reaction of appreciation.

You have a quick wit and like to tease in a fun way, your mom included. Your teachers, who deemed you student of the month early in the school year, adore the way you giggle and appreciate your easy going nature. They like how easily you smile and comment on what a good listener you are. It's been a real joy to see your reading capability take off this year. You love reading books about dangerous creatures. Your brain really absorbs interesting facts. If we had cable, you would be addicted to the nature channel. I think your year would be made if we introduced you to the t.v. program: "shark week." Hearing you speak Chinese will never not blow my mind. Eliza has been a great help in assisting you with that homework, but most of the time you do just fine working through it on your own. Math seems to be one of your best subjects as you come home with hardly any corrections on those papers. 

You have a sensitive nature, you're welcome, which ties back to being nurturing. Sometimes when I turn on uplifting music, both classical or church inspired, your eyes fill with tears.

"Can you turn that off, Mom?" You ask.

"The music? How come?" 
"Because it makes me want to cry!" And you cry. So I turn off the music! You don't believe me yet, but you have an incredibly lovely singing voice. You harmonize without thinking about it and you have the vibrato that I dreamed of having growing up. I'm excited to force you into music lessons!

Recently, on your birthday in fact, some neighborhood kids were unkind to you. They wouldn't include you in their game. You came home in tears and replayed the events back to you me. Because of your kind heart, you couldn't understand why they would do this. 

"Mom..." you said, "I was being so nice to them and everything and they still didn't want to play with me." My heart broke for you. Thankfully, you had a mountain of new Lego projects at your fingertips, so as you got busy on your next project, I began to sweep the kitchen floor. You and I ended up having a really important conversation about loving and forgiving others who have wronged us. We talked about choosing the right and how Heavenly Father designed it so that it would sometimes be hard to choose the right. You were following right along with what I was trying to convey. I felt such pride as you shared your insights.
"When we choose the right, and it's a hard choice, we show Heavenly Father that we love him because we could have made the easy choice, but didn't." That may not be verbatim, but its close enough.

Now that your seven, I feel a familiar return of parental urgency to spend this year preparing for your baptism. I appreciate your willingness to participate in home evening, attend church and sing the hymns at Church (this makes me really happy!). You say thoughtful prayers and I believe that you are growing a a genuine testimony. You like to make your Mom happy and are so good to tell me that you love me. You are a hard worker and I love that you have a positive nature. You like to wrestle and tease with Dad and work with him in his shop.
I love you so much, sweetheart. It made my eyes water typing that last sentence. You are so special. Please never forget that. You are a wonderful blessing to those that know you. I'm so lucky.
All my love, 

(...and Forrest, who was quite ill with a stomach bug on your birthday so much of my day was happily spent like this.)

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