Monday, March 16, 2015

Forrest at 22 months

 I just wanted to pop in real fast to provide an update on Forrest. This age, 22 months, is significant to me for two reasons. It's the age Eliza was when we welcomed Henry. I look at Forrest now and can't imagine introducing him to a new sibling. I can't believe Eliza was this "little" when Henry came. I understand that people have children closer in age than this often, so I'm basing my feelings on my own experience (clearly).

With the two pregnancy's that followed Henry's arrival, I was expecting a new baby when my youngest reached 22 months. Does that make sense? This is not a new baby announcement, calm down Andrew, which is what makes 22 months with Forrest feel different this time around. I understand completely if you have tuned out entirely. 

That darling flow of babbling words has come. Compared to the other children, he's taken his time with his words. Even when we knew he could "talk," he chose to stay quiet; especially if we were around people other than our little family. Finally, he's finding satisfaction in using his big boy words so we are hearing them a lot more than before and it's so dang cute. Also, he hasn't given up waving at people. It's still a regular thing. It's a fun and exciting time. I still remain "on edge" as his independent spirit propels him into precarious places... such as kitchen sinks.
 My morning begins with those chairs turned upside down on the floor. He has since discovered that he can turn them up on his own and then proceeds to drag them around the floor. Who needs Mom anyway?
 He helps himself to many things; such as veggie straws.
And is happy to pour himself a second helping of cereal.
When Mom catches him in "the act" and asks him to stop...
he dramatically falls to the floor (think fainting goat) 
and begins the silent treatment. 

This behavior is common. 
It's hilarious. 
And kind of sad. 
This is how he copes when his Mom scolds him for naughty behavior 
(like pulling his sister's hair)
or prevents him from doing something dangerous.
Did I mention that he is very creative in finding ways to open doors?
When chairs aren't available, he'll use the slide. 
Did I mention my other children were not wired to do things like this?

Most of the time, Forrest is a total love muffin. Here are a few photos I took before we had his cast removed.
I know. 
It's kind of weird to see him in real clothes, 
other than his jammies. 
The big kids are wild about him. 
Lottie especially. 
They have become better friends with the big kids gone at school. 

As I mentioned in the post about Henry's birthday, Forrest was sick last week with a stomach bug. The blessing was that it didn't spread to anyone else in the family. I could tell he was feeling awful which made me sad but with illness comes the extra cuddles.
Forrest remains enthralled by the garbage truck, enjoys watching Baby Einstein (I believe in limiting tv time, but I was so happy about this development), LOVES being outside and gets the biggest kick out of pushing the button that opens and closes the garage door. It's my favorite thing each day to watch his face when he does that. He is doing better in nursery and is a pretty nice friend. One last fun fact, Forrest can open a capri sun juice box by himself. It's okay to feel impressed because with this amazing accomplishment (I am teasing), comes a lot of juice spilled onto my floors.

Mama loves you baby boy, messes and all.

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