Tuesday, March 3, 2015

How to fail at Motherhood without really trying (name the musical!)

Once upon a time there was a Daddy whose job required him to travel much. And while the lady of the house was most grateful for his work ethic and dedication, his absence left her to manage a very full plate alone. Their four young children were dearly loved despite their penchant for picking fights and pushing buttons. At times, it would seem that they competed in a game of "who can whine the longest, loudest or most often" (it varied). To be fair, they were generally a happy brood, but on those days when grumpiness pervaded the home, the lady's patience depleted faster than a bowl full of Cadbury chocolate eggs sitting on a kitchen counter. Mmmmm, cadbury eggs... Forgive me. I have digressed.
Grocery shopping with the Fleglets

Recently, not too long ago, the Mother found herself overwhelmed with the demands of her day. Her husband, of course, was out of town. Taking pity on her, the heavens delivered up a sleeping bag that her children happened upon whilst playing in the basement. It wasn't long until the children commandeered that blue sleeping bag for their own entertainment. Pulling it to the top of the stairs that lead to the basement, a fully carpeted basement I might add, they began taking turns riding it down together.

Three of the children would sit side by side, LIKE FRIENDS, while the other would give them a friendly push. Away they'd fly. The children would unite in peels of beautiful laughter. The lady's heart sang as she listened and observed the happy scene. Uncertainty filled their wide eyes as they took note of her presence.

"Dad's out of town." she nodded. "Go right ahead!" Her mister held misgivings as he worried about the wear and tear on the sleeping bag. She, however, was too grateful and charmed by the happiness and cooperation this activity created; so she gave them her blessing.

Well, you know what they always say, right?

It's all fun and games until the sweet little four year old crashes at the bottom of the stairs and fractures her arm.
She's smiling now, 
but after that crash, she was a crazy mess of tears! 

And with that, this tale ends with a simple warning: Just say no to having the best time ever sliding down the stairs in a sleeping bag!

It's true, friends. Five days after having Forrest's foot cast removed, Lottie fractured the top of her arm, just below her shoulder. The good news was, I didn't make her wait an entire week before taking her in for an x-ray like I did with Forrest. She hurt her shoulder on a Wednesday night and I took her in that Friday. Like Forrest, she got along fine, complaining little about her arm pain. But she still complained and wouldn't use it like normal.

Coincidentally, Henry had been suffering all week from intense tummy pains. He came home from school twice, but never threw up. Sitting in a certain position caused him a lot of grief. The doctor ruled out a hernia and appendicitis but said if a little miralax didn't clear things up, he would need an x-ray. Time passed. His pain remained so the doctor, bless his heart, ordered two x-rays for both Henry and Lottie.

And just like that, a field trip to Ogden Regional hospital fell into our laps!
Our return to the radiology department,
second time in one month. 
I am probably winning at Motherhood. Not.  

Lottie was most apprehensive about having an x-ray but thankfully the technician, who happened to be from Charlotte, North Carolina, quickly won her over.
I'm jumping ahead. The woman who registered the children prior to their x-ray recognized me.

"Your face looks familiar." she said as I returned to the same office where we registered Forrest a month prior.

"I was here a month ago" I point to Forrest who is playing with the stroller, "with him. You registered me then as well." Before she can alert the police because she thinks I hurt my children, I explain to her what happened to Lottie. By the time we finished up all the paper work, she was charmed by the kids. Sensing my discouraged mood, she said the best thing a Mom can hear.

"Your children are so well behaved." I don't hear that often, so when I do my heart soars. In that moment, they were behaving well. It turned out to be a great "field trip" despite everything. Considering those hospital bills that are on their way, we were just trying to make the most of the experience!
Henry was great about dong all that they asked of him. He too was gifted a teddy bear for his bravery; leaving Eliza the only Flegal child without one. She is very upset about that, by the way.

Our Pediatrician stayed late at his office, waiting to hear from the radiologist. That evening he called to relay the news. Summing things up, Henry was incredibly constipated.
His stomach was very distended as a result, trapping a mean amount of gas. Clearly, I'm just hear to remind you that kids are gross. Seriously though, poor Henry! We talked about how I could increase my efforts to help him find relief. He is doing better and I am happy that it wasn't anything worse.

"Now tell me again what happened to Lottie?" He asked. And that's when he told me about her buckle fracture. Because of the location of her break, we can't cast it. He said that she needs to be in a sling as much as possible for three weeks. Hopefully then, she'll be healed and free of pain. She's been a pretty good sport about wearing it for the entire two days that we've had it.

As for Henry, I think he's feeling better. It's a good thing he's my best eater. He's accepted the changes I have been making to his diet really well. Bless him.

Because I was feeling so sad and concerned for him this past week, I took a lot of pictures of him to cheer myself up.   
 I really love him so much. 
All of them.

Wanting to end this post on a more positive note, I end with these;
We fed the missionaries a few weeks back. They returned last night for family home evening. They are awesome!
And Andrew introduced Forrest to a power tool. I have never seen him happier.

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You are winning, Ali, always winning :) And tell Eliza not to break anything just to get a teddy bear, k?