Monday, March 23, 2015

Madhatter Tea Party

Here are a few things from last week the deserve mention.

For the past four years, I have been apart of the enrichment committee that plans our relief society birthday party, among other activities. This year we did a Mad-hatter Tea Party. I won't take the time to break down each detail and activity, but wanted to share pictures as it turned out beautifully.  
My friends Chelsey and Maren are responsible for the decorations. Alyssa, another awesome friend, did the cupcakes. The centerpieces on the table were a variety of Alice in Wonderland themed pieces. It was extraordinary. I can boast openly as I had zero part in its creation. The sisters were invited to wear their most fancy hat. Later that night, we'd vote on our favorites for prizes. We played two games, ate dinner and watched a video on Relief Society and all it's goodness to end things on an uplifting note. It was a great evening.

Here's a funny/frustrating Forrest diddy for you. Thursday morning he found a purple marker and colored his face.
Friday morning, ten minutes after his bath, he found that same purple marker and did it again!
Some Mom's never learn. 

Thursday was extra special as we were able to go to Kangaroo Zoo on a field trip with Lottie's preschool class. Lottie had a blast. Forrest didn't know what to think about it for the most part.

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