Monday, March 23, 2015

Sunday's Nature Walk

A few days before my birthday, Andrew gifted me with a new lens for my trusty, "we've been through so much together," Nikon camera. For months I have been relying solely on my iPhone. And while my phone is convenient and does a great job, I have missed my real camera in a big way; especially when it's time to blog. Because my skills as a photographer aren't fantastic, keep your expectations low as you peruse my first batch of photos. After all, this lens and I are still getting to know each other.
 Sunday, March 15th, we explored a nature trail near Nana Marie's house. The weather was beautiful and the kids were thrilled for the opportunity to run about and explore.
After our walk, we made our way to Nana Marie's for Henry and my birthday dinner. It was delicious, that goes without saying, but these cupcakes deserve special attention.
Kiss Me, I'm Irish Cupcakes
They were delicious. 
And fun!
Thank you, Mom, for making us both feel so special. We love you!

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