Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Weekend Wanderings with my Albert Einstein

On an early Saturday morning, two weeks ago,  Eliza and I made our way to Farmington station, hopped aboard the frontrunner train and took it to downtown Salt Lake City.

We would be spending the day with several relief society friends. Our plan was to see the new film, Meet the Mormons. We had a few minutes before the show started so we walked around Temple Square for a bit. As for the movie, it was our first time to see it and let me say that it exceeded my already high expectations! I hope my friends will take the opportunity to watch it. You can't help but feel inspired by the lives of those the film highlights.

After having lunch at City Creek and a little bit of browsing at the Disney store, we made our way back to trax and came home. We were away from home for a big part of the day, thank you Andrew, but sharing that time with Eliza was well spent. We had some memorable chats and shared big laughs.
That night, Andrew and I kissed the children "goodbye" and went out on a date! I felt myself swooning as I stared across the table at his face during dinner. It was a welcome and familiar feeling but a bit of surprise as I thought we were too seasoned for such things. :)

The week progressed and with it came a snow storm (separate post!). In addition to that storm, a real highlight was visiting the third grade's wax museum at Uintah Elementary. Eliza decided weeks ago that she wanted to research and "become" Albert Einstein. I was surprised by her choice but could see how it was appropriate for our brainy, fact-filled, child.
As our family entered the museum, we were given plastic cups full of golden coins. Famous statues of men and women lined the cafeteria walls. After depositing a coin in front of a statue, they would become animated and share facts from their extraordinary lives. Lottie and Henry were truly entertained. I was delighted by Albert and so proud of how well she did.
 We had a great time meeting Albert's famous friends. Here is one of his very best, Pocahontas.

That week the kids and I also attended the annual Dr. Seuss breakfast. For the second year in a row, Eliza won the poetry contest for her grade! It was a surprise to us both when her name was called. They have not yet returned the poem, so until they do, I will wait with great anticipation to read it.

That same Dr. Seuss day, Henry had his first read-a-thon. That's an exciting milestone in my book!
His teacher asked that they bring Dr. Seuss books, specifically. With the books labeled, the kids shared and exchanged their Dr. Seuss favorites with each other.

As we look ahead to this week, our focus shifts to Henry who will be turning seven! I haven't processed this because it makes my heart sad to acknowledge that he's getting so big, so fast.

I will save my love letter to Henry for a different day but wanted to share these funny pictures from this past Saturday. I was washing the dishes at the kitchen sink when I noticed out the window that he was carrying Sweet Peep up the ladder to the slide. That chicken is sure patient with him as she lets him haul her all around the yard. He is very respectful and gentle when handling his chickens, I feel I should add.

Sunday we went to Salt Lake where we celebrated our birthday's with the Flegal crew! It was a fun, and delicious, way to begin the festivities. Thank you to Aunt Katie, Nanna Teresa and Uncle Brent (and anyone I might be forgetting) for all the did for us on Sunday!
Getting older is made easier when that chocolate cake is involved... sooooo good!

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*Jess* said...

my friend shannon in Illinois also had a child that participated in a wax museum program at school. He went as Andy Warhol. Both you and Shannon nailed your kids' costumes! Great job!