Tuesday, March 10, 2015

What's this? A snow day?!

After weeks of unseasonably warm sunshine, we finally received a decent winter storm! We hadn't seen a storm like this since Christmas day. The beautiful and sudden change brought fresh excitement and furthered my personal appreciation for how lovely the world looks covered in white. Knowing the weather would soon make a return to something warmer, I didn't hold back my enjoyment!
Ready for school, the children couldn't wait to get a taste of that snow, and I mean that both figuratively and literally! They were quite wet when they climbed into the car that morning to go to school.

By the time we picked them up that afternoon, the skies had begun to clear.
Usually by February, I am quite weary of the process of bundling my children. Again, because of the lack of snow this season, I welcomed the chance. However, my feelings of picking up wet clothing after an outside adventure never brightens.
Forrest is adorable. Watching him "discover" snow was a delight. He couldn't navigate through it as well as the big kids; which frustrated him. I helped him out as needed and you won't be surprised to learn that he sobbed when it was time to come inside.
 Lottie was allowed to leave her sling inside and to be honest really hasn't worn it much since! Her doctor stopped by last weekend to check up on our kids (how awesome is he?) and I confessed how bad I've been about making her wear it. I don't see it do much for her other than remind us all to be extra careful with her. He said if it's not helping with her pain, she can decide whether or not she wants it on. Her fracture, he said, was very small and the sling isn't expediting the healing process. So, there's that.

Henry enjoyed being the king of the mountain. Eliza missed out on the afternoon of fun as she was at sewing lessons. I would be surprised if we received another storm this season, but we'll keep our fingers crossed as Utah truly needs the water. I feel really old to be typing that last sentence.


*Jess* said...

its so refreshing to see you get excitement over snow, even though you probably get your fair share during the season!

rachel garber said...

ha ha ha ha - you feel old to be typing that last sentence! In 2012 Wyoming was in a drought and was on fire, etc. The stake presidency asked us to pray for moisture . . . I felt super old participating in that. It worked though. The next April it snowed 14 of the 30 days. And I mean snowed. We haven't had drought conditions since :)