Friday, April 10, 2015

Easter Bunnies and Easter Eggs

Easter this year was special as we were able to spend the day at home together and watch General Conference. Usually Sunday is a very busy day for Andrew as he has Church meetings that occupy much of his time. To have him home was a real treat; especially since he invited our six baby bunnies to come inside and play with us for awhile.
Before the kids were allowed to look through their Easter baskets, we made breakfast; omelets (we always have a lot of eggs!), sausage, cinnamon rolls and juice.
After the kids ate, they were then allowed to check out what the Easter bunny brought them. Typically the Easter bunny brings a few treats and a small toy. This year he also included a beanie boo; which my kids all love.
Forrest's basket included a new puzzle
but he was more interested in the treats.
Henry was gifted a whoopie cushion.
His favorite.
Princess Lottie was thrilled with her lip gloss and nail polish.
She really loves to feel "pretty."
 As for Eliza, she received a portable lap desk so she can color
in the car. (Hint... there may be a road trip in our near future)

All of these fun things were soon upstaged by the bunnies.
Pipsy gave birth to six bunnies on March 18th. 
They are (finally) adorable.
Henry connects with animals.
He feels great pride in caring for them and helping others to enjoy them.
Forrest's reaction reached insane levels of cuteness. I thought I might explode.
Forrest "helping" the bunny eat a carrot. 
Andrew may appear to be more collected
but he is equally enthused about these bunnies.
This photo is out of place, but I took a picture of Lottie and Henry that morning as they were patiently waiting for the rest of the family to wake up. 
I love that they were holding hands.

Saturday afternoon, the kids dyed Easter eggs. The fact that this happened during 
Forrest's naptime was not an oversight. It was strategically planned.
Sorry Forrest. We love you!
 Later that afternoon we went to Salt Lake where we enjoyed a fabulous dinner with the Flegal family. Uncle Mike flew in for the day from Arizona and Michael and Johanna also joined us. Nanna Teresa planned a very fun Easter egg hunt for kids and Uncle Brent made the best chocolate pie I've ever had. It was such a great day.

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