Friday, April 10, 2015

Somebunny Loves Spring!

Forgive me for the title of today's post. I couldn't help myself. 
The chicken coop has been over run by bunnies, six to be precise. If you were to add in Bun Bun, Pipsy and the recently acquired adult male, Larry, (HEAVEN HELP ME) that makes nine; soon to be 11,000+.  
Spring has sprung and our small corner of the world looks glorious! Wanting to profit from its beauty and the perfect level of warmth, we have spent a lot of time outside. This lovely road takes us to both school and church. The street is lined with these beautiful trees that prove breathtaking in the Spring and Fall.
If I could personally choose the snap shots my children will carry into adulthood, these would be among them. 
But instead, they'll probably remember their livestock; such as these skinless and somewhat ugly bunnies who are waiting for their fur to come in and eyes to open. :)

In addition to the weather, another highlight from the past week includes the Pinewood Derby. The Activity Day girls in our ward were invited to participate which is awesome for more reasons than one. Eliza and Andrew were a darling and productive pair as they built her car. Andrew was great to guide her through the process; allowing her to use the saw to carve out her car, choose her paint and apply it herself.
Her fingernails matched her car. I love it.
Overall, her car did awesome! It was thrilling to watch her compete. We were first timers so we didn't share in the criticisms of the race that other seasoned racers had regarding the experience. It was crowded and the track was unorthodox (read: awesome) but the kids had a blast! We were very happy to be included.
Henry was transfixed the entire night. 
Next year, he'll have a car of his own on the track. 
He was so sweet to let Forrest take in the show with him.
I spotted Forrest in his lap a few times. Henry cuddled and kissed his face.
And I felt once more that being a Mom is the best thing ever. 

The next night, I got to celebrate my friend Maren's birthday with some fun friends.
Lucky for us, we had the place to ourselves. 
We were free to be dorks without judgment from the outside world. ;) 
It was a lot of fun. 

Until I got this text from Andrew. 
"Lottie just vomited everywhere."

The next five days, we waited on pins and needles
as the other tummy time bombs waited to explode. 
I was lucky to stay well through it all, 
even though it ended up that Andrew was usually
the parent home when it happened (bless him).
Eliza threw up in a garbage can at school.
How is that for an awful first?

The bug passed quickly and there weren't other symptoms involved. 
So I suppose it could have been worse. 

This is how we welcomed our spring break. 
When I could, I escaped outside with the healthy children. 
Henry and I enjoyed a beautiful afternoon at the school. 
I walked with Forrest in the stroller and he rode his bike.
And because I want to remember that Lottie wears this dress year round, I will include it as well. :)

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