Monday, May 4, 2015

Disneyland, day three {2015}

Despite our aching feet and depleted wallet, that last day visiting Disneyland is always more bitter than sweet. Even so, spirits were high that morning as we made our way to the park. Forrest had finally turned that corner and appeared to be feeling a lot better. Knowing that we'd already experienced most of the attractions, it would be a day to revisit our favorites, choose souvenirs and hopefully squeeze in a visit with Mickey and Minnie Mouse!
 Lottie was pleading that we begin with Dumbo, so we did. After a cruise down the Storybook canal, she and I left the group to meet some more characters. 
It wasn't long until we bumped into the lovely Alice of Wonderland fame and her friend, the Madhatter. Lottie isn't old enough to have picked up on their quick humor and wit, but she sure enjoyed the special attention she received from Alice. I am always so impressed with these Disney characters.

On our way to the Princess fantasy fair, we found Aurora. This proved to be the top princess moment for Lottie. Princess Aurora took her time visiting with Lottie and was patient as she waited for Lottie to reply. Lottie seemed overcome by her majesty's royal presence.
"I love your curls!" She told Lottie. "They're just like mine!" Lottie beamed.
Lottie asked if she had that dress in other colors. 
Aurora explained the argument between Flora and Merryweather regarding the color of her dress. 
Asking Lottie, "If you had a wand, what color would you make my dress?"
 Surprising me, Lottie replied:
Aurora clapped her hands and said, "Merryweather will be so pleased to hear that!"
Feeling like she'd met a lot of Princesses, Lottie asked that we end our quest and return to our crew. We made our way to Splash Mountain. Along the way we saw Tom Burgeron. Our family loves to watch AFV and Dancing with the Stars. They were THRILLED (mostly Mom) when we saw him filming a spot for AFV. They rushed us along, but the temptation proved too much as I tip toed back a bit later for a photo. 
Here's a funny photo bomb, courtesy of Eliza, that happened in that same area.
That's Forrest riding on top of Andrew's shoulders.

While waiting for Andrew and the big kids to ride Splash Mountain, I took Forrest and Lottie to meet Winnie the Pooh and Tigger. I was so delighted when Forrest unexpectedly ran to greet Winnie the Pooh. It was one of the best moments of the trip for me.
Lunch that day we found ourselves at the Hungry Bear. I love this place because of the stunning scenery. Having finished her lemonade, Eliza approached an employee and asked if there were free re-fills. He replied:

"Not usually, but for you I will get one." Eliza was so touched by his generosity. When he came back, he gave her a large lemonade, in place of the child size she had previously. Now that's the Disney spirit!
That afternoon we made our way to Toon Town.
Forrest's arm are outstretched toward Minnie; waiting to be acknowledged.
It was darling.
Having met Goofy and Minnie we found ourselves in line to meet Mr. Mickey Mouse himself. Forrest, who was in desperate need of a nap, hit his breaking point. I volunteered to take him in the stroller, hoping he'd fall asleep, and go save us a spot for the parade. I was certain he'd fall asleep while we took that walk. I was mistaken. Instead he cried. Finding a great spot, I picked him up and tried to cuddle him. He protested. Despite my best tricks, he would not succumb to the sleep his body was craving.

Giving up, I put him back on the ground. He had the go-ahead from me to explore. Using the jackets I had spread out to save our spot, he made himself a pillow and immediately fell asleep...standing up.
It was until I heard him snoring that I finally felt like I could pick him up and put him in his stroller. And then he napped!

The parade, in my opinion, is definitely worth seeing more than once. I made sure this time we had access to the correct angles to video record the kids faces.

After choosing our souvenirs, we made it to the corn dog cart for dinner. The kids were so happy when we finally bought them that bag of cotton candy. As for Andrew and me, we chose dole whips. They are the best.
The night ended with Splash Mountain. Having had her fill, Lottie asked that I take her back to the hotel, along with Forrest. I was happy to let Andrew stay with the older kids. Due to a non-existent line, the three of them rode Splash Mountain an additional ten times in a row! I hope they remember this trip always. 
The drive home was long and somewhat tortuous but we got it done in one day. The kids were back in school by Friday, a little stressed to catch up on all that they missed but noting it was entirely worth it. I love this family of ours so much and I am thankful that Andrew gave his blessing for us to take this wonderful trip together. 

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