Saturday, May 23, 2015

Skipping to the good part

While walking Eliza and Henry to school a few days ago, Lottie felt compelled to skip. The sight of her skipping along in her pink footie pajamas about did us in. My heart nearly exploded, it was so cute. Loving the attention she was receiving, Lottie skipped nearly the whole way there.

Soccer ended one week ago. It was a rainy affair, but we were prepared thanks to Andrew. After going back and forth a bit, Eliza decided she wanted to play soccer again next fall/spring. It was an easy choice for Henry to play again and Lottie is really happy to finally be old enough. Wish us luck as we try to balance three games next fall. Yikes!
That's Henry on the left. 
Some people have a hard time spotting him without his glasses. :) 
His team was named the "Black Knights!"
Eliza's team was the "Neon Nightmares"
Her team was so much fun to watch.
Both kids had excellent seasons. 
Classic Lottie:
pink boots and her ballerina dress,
sitting beside peonies that came from starts from Grandma Popcorn's yard.
One of our favorite Netflix shows is Cupcake Wars!
Eliza was thrilled when she found out she'd 
be decorating cupcakes for activity days.
This isn't important to anyone but myself. 
I hosted a Norwex party. 
It was a lot of work, but considering what I earned I can say it was definitely worth it.
I love Norwex, by the way.
He's still adorable.
Peek-a-boo is a favorite.
He also likes to do whatever Lottie does;
which makes it easier to take his picture.

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