Monday, May 4, 2015

Surprising the kids with a trip to Disneyland!

The night of my birthday, March 17th, Andrew and I took the kids to see the new film, Cinderella. Prior to the start of the movie, we were treated to Frozen Fever, a short follow up to Frozen. We all enjoyed watching it. The music was charming and even I'll admit that it was fun to see the characters again. However, Lottie proved to be a worthy distraction through it all as she squealed in delight at the return of Elsa and Anna. Her laugh was merry, loud and infectious. It was really cute to watch her react in such a big way. Those sitting near us were clearly delighted by her as well. It was at the peak of this adorable scene, courtesy of Lottie, that Andrew leaned over in the dark and whispered in my ear:

"Okay. It's time to make Disneyland happen!" I was elated! I resolved to keep it a secret right then as I mentally began to plot the necessary preparations. That secret held firm until the morning we were to leave. With Andrew's birthday two days away, we were ready to implement our exciting scheme. 

"Children," I began. "As you know, Daddy's birthday is on Monday but I want to give him an early birthday gift that he can enjoy today." With the kids and Andrew gathered on the couch, I started the video camera. 

Here's the video:

Or you can watch it on you tube by clicking here:

The kids stared at me in disbelief. They held their reactions until I confirmed that indeed it was true. Finally accepting my words, they began to cheer and scream. Forrest joined in the celebration despite his inability to understand what Disneyland meant. It was true. We were going to Disneyland!! And leaving that day! Inside "their Dad's gift," was a Disney shirt for each of them. 
A {relatively} short while later, we were on the road.
The excitement of it all was too much for Lottie. She quickly fell asleep!
When given the choice between sight seeing in Vegas or swimming at the hotel's pool, the kids unanimously chose swimming. They had a blast!
Keeping things easy, we brought in Little Caesars for dinner which ended a pretty great day.

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