Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Bubba's cabin: where we belong.

The last week of May, we took our first summer trip to Bubba and Nanna Teresa's cabin. Due to bad weather, our plan to go with cousins over Memorial day weekend was foiled which left our family and Bubba the only ones able to go. 

And while everyone was missed, we sure were lucky to spend quality time with Bubba. He has the biggest heart and is always up for an adventure. It is so clear why Andrew is the great Dad that he is. Father's day is right around the corner so these two have been on my mind. I've said it many times, but it's still true:  I feel like my kids and I owe so much to Bubba for blessing us with the fun loving, creative and hard working Dad (Andrew) that we have.

 Bubba is also brave. He had the courage to drive down with our family circus to the cabin. The kids were well behaved for the most part. I was lucky enough to sit next to Forrest, allowing me this sweet view of him while he was napping.
As a family we enjoyed nature walks, visiting the kid's forts near the creek, four wheeler rids (Forrest's absolute favorite pastime) delicious meals, s'mores, campfires, artwork, and reading books (me!).
(this was the best)
Beautiful sisters.
"Cheese, Mom!"
The entrance to boy's fort.

Decorating the boy's fort with a cow skull.
Cute, right? ;)
Bubba and Daddy built a new "table" for the girl's fort.
We enjoyed family four wheeler rides:
miles of beautiful scenery which varied between wooded and red sand.

Twenty minutes into the drive home, the kids (minus Eliza) conked out.
Henry woke up three hours later and said,
"I think I took a nap!"
"You think?" - Hilarious.
Thank you so much Bubba for providing us with such a neat experience. It's a great place to make memories. We love you!

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Andrew Flegal said...

Let's go back again asap.