Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Gangs Back Together

How's that face for an opener?

Cousins Kaitlyn, Brynn, Scott and Tyler are visiting from Alaska! We haven't seen this crew since Christmas time, so we were all pretty excited when Nana Marie invited us over to swim with them last week!
It made my heart happy to see the kids pick up where they left off. Brynn's attention was fixed on Forrest as she LOVES babies. Mia likewise loves him; which is a giant win for me! When those two are around, he is doted on. Henry's the lone boy ranger most of the time so it was especially great watching him play Ninja Spies with Scott later in the day. They had walkie talkies, spy clothes, code words, etc... I'm pleased to say, however, that Ninja dress ups aren't they only thing they'll wear. They are very open minded and imaginative.
These two love to make each other laugh! What better way than this? I'm jumping ahead. After swimming, we had the cousins over for pizza, train rides and play time with our bunnies. Cousin Sara especially loves our bunnies... like big time. She named one baby Taco. :)
Lottie and Tyler have been playing great together too. It's been fun to see this friendship grow.
Don't worry. Forrest had "companions" on the train ride too.
Later in the evening, the group split as Eliza and the older girls went to the Chamberlain's for a sleepover. Eliza loved staying up until, wait for it, midnight (I mean, can you even believe it! She stayed up sooooo late!!)! She was so excited to tell me about it. Breakfast included pancakes AND bacon. Lucky girl.

We ended up with Scott and Tyler at our house! While Andrew put the finishing touches on the tent situation, we had a dance party. Nothing fights a little homesickness like a dance party.

Sunday we celebrated this cute kid's birthday:
And a few days later, we did the nature walk by Nana Marie's house. It was a great little activity that involved much needed shade.
Lunchtime and popsicles at Nana's came next. It was a great day and we look forward to the fun days ahead. Am I right, Lottie?

"Right, Mom!"

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rachel garber said...

"Murphy's Law #233" - that made me laugh. Womanhood is really something else.

Is it wrong I love your kids at their ages now and don't want them to grow up either!? I'm so happy that Henry "gets it" about enjoying his age. In true a-type personality, oldest child fashion, I always wanted to be older already and then once it hit, I was like, "Why!??" I can't wait for Nix to be the age of Lottie or Henry and just be so stinking much fun. He's fun, just in his own little baby way. Junior primary age is where it is at. I totally decided that yesterday as I was conducting. They are just so much fun. And if we could have more kids, I'd have them one after another so we could have a whole brood of fun in a few years :)

Glad your AC is back on track for cheap. It is never a good thing when it dies during the hottest summer. Never.