Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Rolling into Summer

Memorial day we made our way to Salt Lake to be with family. We joined up with the Flegals at the cemetery where we visited the graves of some very special people.
Grandpa and Grandma Flegal:
Grandma Popcorn is the only one my children know and remember.
Grandma Marie F. Mays
(My Mom has the same name as my Grandma, her mother-in-law)
My sweet Grandma Marie passed away before I was born. 
Her son, my wonderful Uncle Rob, is resting right beside her now.
And to my sweet Grandpa Gerry and Grandma Donna:
(and everyone else at Wasatch Lawn who were there honoring loved ones)
on behalf of Forrest, we are sorry about the crazy ruckus he made. 
Oh, how I love and miss you both. 

After visiting the cemetery, we went to Bubba and Nanna's for dinner. It's always so fun to be together, watch the kids play with cousins and eat delicious food.
While Forrest napped, Andrew took the older kids to "the club" to go swimming. It was the first swim of the season and I hear they had a fantastic time.

Other Summer happenings include (in random order)

Backyard happiness:
 Henry is the man. 
He is so diligent when it comes to taking care of our animals
and watering his Dad's trees and plants when Andrew travels. 
It makes me so proud.
Bun bun had another litter of bunnies. 
There's a mix of drama surrounding the Flegal farm; 
which exclusively features the bunnies. 
I will save that tale for another day. 
Swim lessons have begun. 
It's a four week course, two lessons a week.
We're back at Weber state and continue to love their program.
We've made it to the splash pad. 
The morning was spent in the company of good friends. 
There was someone for everyone to play with.
Forrest thought the splash pad was the best thing ever.
I'm excited to take him again.
Hopefully I won't leave our prepared snacks at home in the refrigerator next time. 
Mom fail. 
Andrew traveled quite a bit this past month. After a really long week of having him away, I took an early morning trip to the temple last Saturday with my friend Kalie. Coming home I saw that Andrew was on his way out the door with the kids. I was tickled that my arrival did not stop him from taking them to the Home Depot and Costco. They happened upon Home Depot's kids workshop (free) and to each of their delight, they built a wooden truck and painted it. At Costco, they were treated to free creamies!

While Andrew and the kids enjoyed the "best Saturday ever," I was able to prepare my relief society lesson uninterrupted. It was an emotional morning for me as I knew that the following day I would be released from my calling in the relief society presidency.
I love these women. It's hard to find the right words to describe what these past years of service together has meant to me. Forgive me in advance for sounding cliche and overly sentimental, but my thoughts, in general, read like a Hallmark card. It's just how I'm wired. It's the worst. ;)

Also, I don't want to sound annoying and/or self righteous but because it was an important chapter I'd say  it deserves mention. I feel like this experience opened my eyes more fully to the profound and real love Heavenly Father has for His children. Women are incredible, resilient and have a great power to influence others; their family's especially. It was inspiring to observe righteous women striving to do good in their day to day lives. My heart ached sorely for the huge challenges some sisters are living with. I applaud and marvel their courage and am in awe of the strength of their testimonies despite these trials and heartaches.

I watched the Holy Ghost inspire sisters and work through them to bless the lives of others. It is incredible to see the sisters in our ward live selflessly. So often they'd drop their own lives to come to the aid of someone in need. I had to learn that s it's okay to be void of words (eeeeek!). Sometimes all that is required is offering a listening ear and giving time to mourn with those who are mourning. I  felt the Lord's comfort me when I felt weak. I felt Him to direct me to know what to do when I felt overwhelmed. I learned to trust my relief society president, Nancy, as she implemented certain ideas, only to see later how inspired they were. The sisters will never know how much she did for them and others in our ward. It was humbling to watch. My children's lives were made richer as this calling brought special friends into our home and into our lives. Without this calling, it's not as likely that I wouldn't have had the opportunity to cross paths and develop friendships.

I was six weeks pregnant with Forrest when our presidency was called and organized. Lottie had just turned two, Henry was four and Eliza was six. Along with their physical growth, and the arrival of Forrest, Andrew was offered a new job which meant more travel. He also was put in as the executive secretary which made our weeks tricky as we balanced our responsibilities and time together as a family. We had our share of stress and difficulty while trying to manage things but the good and the blessings that came from this opportunity far exceeded the challenges. I'm looking forward to whatever is ahead and hope that the friendships made remain. The new relief society presidency will do an excellent job. I love them all and wish them the best.
Single mom life doesn't agree with me. 
If I look gross and tired, it's because I am.

As I conclude this post, Andrew is off on another work related adventure. I miss him while he's away but feel grateful that I am left in the best company each time.

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