Tuesday, July 7, 2015

4th of July with the Fleglets

 Fourth of July Fleglets 2015

Remember that post a few days back where I talked about the heat wave? Do you remember how I went to Target to escape our super hot house because our air conditioner was broken? Those patriotic outfits, pieces of them anyway, were a result of that trip. Having a faulty air conditioner can sometimes lead to positive things. My kids, the subjects of said holiday photo torture, may disagree.

Even with a full functioning air conditioner, I was on the fence about whether or not we'd brave the heat to attend a parade. Eventually, the Mom guilt won out and I decided that we should go for it. I had this super annoying voice in my brain taunting me with thoughts like:

"Fourth of July parades matter."
"Create another cherished memory."
"They're only little once. Someday they won't want to take you to the parade." (That's when I caved.)

And then there was Eliza's voice. She said,

"I'm okay if we skip the parade as long as we still get some candy." So in case anyone is wondering how well we've done as parents with instilling patriotism in our children's bones... there you have it. It would seem that all of Eliza's patriotism is wired straight to her sweet tooth.

Switching things up a bit, we drove to the parade in Huntsville, Utah.
On our way into Huntsville, we spotted a two barns patriotically painted. It was a stirring sight. Instantly, I was feeling the spirit of the day more fully. I had visions of my Target clad children standing respectfully in front of such an awe inspiring scene. Sadly, my vision was foiled by the bright sun as the photos turned out much like this one.
Ha ha ha!
The parade was a hit. It had a small town feel similar to the one Andrew and I grew up with in Millcreek. I think this may be the parade we return to next year. My favorite part was at the beginning when they displayed the Flag and the spectators rose to show respect and honor by placing hands over hearts. I loved how I felt in that moment. My next favorite was when I spied this:
Lottie was taking cover from the water hoses behind Andrew. She knows who protects her best and ended up giving him a great little snuggle in the process.
Coming home, we made a quick stop for Slurpees to cool down.
 That evening we made some pizza with Bubba and Nanna and the boys were treated to scooter rides.
Later in the evening, we headed over to Holladay City's firework show. My brother serves as a detective to that city and was able to score us a sweet parking spot right where all the action was taking place. It's the little things in life that mean so much. Along with my Mom, they were able to save us a prime viewing spot to listen to Peter Brienholt's concert and the fireworks. Listening to Peter Brienholt while surrounded by so many people that we love was the best. I sang and danced and embarrassed my children thoroughly. As the firework show progressed and the songs played, I found myself singing along, loudly, and feeling real thankfulness to be an American. There's no place I'd rather be raising my family. I sure hope we can preserve and strengthen the principles that make our nation great. God bless the USA.
Forrest tolerated the fireworks for awhile but then was overcome by tears. After putting a blanket over his head, he soon quieted down. He remained content which was better than I could have hoped.

It was a long and full day so we were thankful for the invitation to spend the night at Bubba and Nanna's house. They are so kind and hospitable. And did I mention fun?

To wrap up this post, I'll end with a few misc. photos that need a good home. I love them.
Until next time, PEACE OUT! :)


Teresa McCormack Flegal said...

I just love reading about my cute family. I brings joy and tears and I look over and over again. Thank you

*Jess* said...

I love their outfits!