Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Camp Kiesel 2015 (written by Eliza)

Hello people Yes it is me the Eliza Flegal also the author of ''Eliza goes to Disneyland (and then blogs about it)'' and today i will be blogging about my trip to Camp Kiesel. My adventure stared at 6:15 in the morning as I got dressed (yawn) just think about it makes me tired .... back to the story I got downstairs and ate a big bowl of sugar stuffed cereal (bad idea i will tell you later) and me and my mom went over the list and decided to leave.We waited at the church for  about an hour as kids showed up and man it took a long time until we FINALLY got in the car. Lucky me i got to go in the party car woo woo and as we were  driving we got to play with balloons and more fun, awesome, super duper ruper  fun stuff. After a long drive we got out of the car. As we walked, I noticed a big lake with boats and life jackets. OH NOOOOO  i thought. I do not like to paddle boats or get wet so i was in for a surprise.......DUN DUN DUN

As we entered we got a form that said we were in troop red. We found a shady spot to put the cooler and blankets on while the others found troop red. All of the troops formed 8 lines and we said the pledge of allegiance and went over rules and blah blah blah. Finally got to our first stop which was shooting BB guns. We went over rules as i eagrely waited for my turn. When it was my turn i sadly missed all the targets. and the we learned how to shoot bow and arrows and learned how to survive in the wilderness but the next stop was interesting.....We went to go make a craft when i stared feeling woozy.I thought if i took a drink i would be all right. I told my leader that i was sick to my stomach and dizzy. She was really worried so she took me to our stuff and that is when it all started......

I was starting to shake and i could not control it. I felt miserable.  I was dizzy, my legs were quaking and burning, and i could only see barely a blur. I think i went unconscious for a bit because i remember waking up. Maybe i just slept for a bit. Then my troop came down and they ate lunch. After that we went to the doom....................

As we walked our way over to the doom, I started to sweat. I was really nervous. Sitting down on the benches, we listened to the instructions and yaddy, yaddy, yada. As we got into the boat of death, we started rowing. At first it was pretty fun, but when we got to the corner some dopey boy dumped water on us. That really made me mad because i was still recovering from my heat shock. The rest of the ride was a huge let down because we kept getting wet. After the horrendous ride we finally returned to land.

After the ride of death, we thankfully went to the trading post where I mindfully got gifts for my family. It was terrific fun. Then we went to the obstacle course. We had to walk across a ten foot rope and only had two measly pieces of rope to hand on for balance. It was almost as scary as the ride of death. I was brave and I thankfully made it across. The rest of the obstacle course was a bunch of tires that we had to go over and under and yaddy, yaddy, yada. I really enjoyed this trip and I'm glad you could listen to this blog. This is it, for Camp Kiesel 2015, limited edition, Adventures with Eliza.

The end. 

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