Sunday, July 5, 2015

Heat Wave

Murphy's Law #231 reads:  As the hottest day of the year approaches, your husband will leave town on business. Five minutes after he departs, your air conditioner will stop functioning. You will melt.

Murphy's Law #232 reads:  Applying optimism to your predicament, your focus will shift to your swamp cooler. As the temperature drops in the evening, the idea of using that resource comforts you. However, be aware that your {still awesome} neighbor's will decide to build a camp fire in their backyard which will then usher smoke directly into your home via the swamp cooler. Good luck deciding between the cool, yet super smoky air, or living without it.

Murphy's Law #233 reads:  You will have your yearly physical. Good news! You're healthy. Nothing of major concern is found! Speaking of something not being found: your doctor can't find your IUD! Fantastic news, right?! As your husband said in a text message, "Aghhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Where's the panic button?" It's okay. You are not expecting a baby, but you are expecting another exciting chapter to this story as you have zero idea how they're going to retrieve it. All hail womanhood!! 


As you can see, dear reader, this lovely heat wave has brought about a few challenges. Even so, there are plenty of things to focus on to keep our spirits up and thankful. Here's a hodge podge of our latest happenings.

Our ward put on a very fun carnival. The shade was plentiful which made the evening quite nice. The activities were well planned as there was really something for everyone. That special "something" for Forrest was the bounce house. He would take a bite of dinner, rush back to do some bouncing and then return for another bite of food, etc. He repeated this behavior over and over.
There was face painting,
a petting zoo which Andrew contributed to,
delicious food and treats (cotton candy and slushies), capture the flag, games for the kids and a lot of socializing. We feel lucky to be in this ward.

In need of birthday present for a friend's party, we escaped to Target. We took our sweet time knowing that we'd be returning to a hot house.
We laughed when we discovered that this back pack matched Eliza so perfectly.
Target brings out the happy in everyone! I caught Lottie and Henry holding hands as they walked down the bread aisle.
The day after the ward party, our neighbor had that fun bounce house set up in his driveway. The kids were thrilled when they were invited to come over for a little extra bouncing!

Good news! Andrew returned home from his trip! In a matter of minutes, he located the part on the air conditioning fan that needed to be replaced. It was a quick and cheap fix! His handy dandy nature is one of the many reasons he is a wonderful Dad and husband.

In honor of Father's day, I thought I'd share some cute photos I took of him with Forrest in the yard the other night.
One of Forrest's absolute favorite things, besides bounce houses, is to mow the lawn with Andrew. He gets so excited!
In addition to cutting grass, Andrew also cuts hair! Forrest is sporting a new haircut (so is Henry!) courtesy of his Dad's mad barber skills.
He looks so handsome with his new haircut. I couldn't help but take a few hundred pictures. :)
Forrest was rewarded with an ice cream cone for being such a good boy during his haircut. Speaking of being a good boy, he also sat through a movie!
I had high expectations going into this movie and they were definitely met. What surprised me most, as I mentioned on instagram, is that it was Henry who cried the most during the movie. Eliza's my most emotional child, or so I thought, but the message of the movie really got to Henry. Henry has teared up at bedtime a few times as he contemplates growing up. He wants things to stay how they are now. And I totally understand where he's coming from. Watching Riley shift out of certain phases of her childhood, really broke his heart...two words: Bing Bong. We love you, Bing Bong!

Due to an upcoming trip to Alaska, we kept things simple on Father's day. I did make breakfast, found the perfect Father's day card and the kids did a little decorating. It was when I was cleaning up said decorations that I found this treasured note from Eliza to Andrew:
I'm sorry it's sideways. It says:
Dear Dad,
I'm sorry I could not get you a better present 
but I couldn't because of time. But this just something I 
made for you. But my love for you is just too big to wrap. 
p.s. Love you

Holy cow. Are we even kidding? Her love for him is just too big to wrap. And that about "wraps up" the kind of Dad my kids have; so sweet. Here's the font of her poster, followed by Lottie's.
It was per Lottie's instruction that I wrote: "I love you Dad and I want to stay little!" He's trying to bargain as hard as I am for them to stay little. :)
 Lottie remains super affectionate. She is definitely one to hug you or jump in your lap unexpectedly. I love it. She also randomly will tell me that I am beautiful. She sure knows how to make a Mama feel good.

Back to Eliza, she has been on a roll lately as she leaves us notes accompanied by ice water at bedtime. The other night she stayed up and rubbed my feet with lotion in an effort to stay up later. It worked too. Duh.

Speaking of Eliza, she's taking over my blog with a new post. She had an exciting day at Camp Kiesel and is looking forward to sharing it here. :) Stay tuned (Mom).

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