Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Swimming through July

Bubba and Henry: July 3, 2015
It's a shame these two don't have any fun together. ;)

The days leading up to the fourth of July were spent in the water. Aunt Jen was kind enough to invite us to her parent's home for an afternoon of swimming. And although the temperature of the pool was quite warm, the kids were not deterred. My Mom and sister even swam which means the temperature was probably just right! Not to mention, the scenery surrounding the Schmidt's backyard is stunning. They are at the base of Big Cottonwood Canyon so as you swim, you can't help but marvel at the mountain's majesty {but then quickly snap out of it because you have to keep an eye on your swimming babes!} 
It was a lovely outing and not just because it included rice krispy treats. Thanks again for the invite Jen! (...and thank you for the rice krispy treats, Mom!)

That child, near the bottom of the photo, the one who is glowing white... that's my son. 
SPF 100 for the win!
And while he still needs to be watched closely, 
Henry's reached the milestone where he can jump off the diving board,
 sans life jacket, and swim to the side. Happy day! 

The MVP of my day was my niece Callie. 
She patiently let Lottie jump from the side of the pool and into her arms 
over and over again. 
I was very surprised when Callie was able to convince Lottie to jump off the diving board. 
Way to go Lottie (she only did it the one time)!

As for Forrest, he learned a new word:
He tried on every pair that he found. 
Hilarity ensued.
On July 3rd, Andrew had the day off. The plan had been to go boating but do to a mechanical problem the trip was postponed. The Evergreen Swim and Tennis Club was a fantastic Plan B.
Cousins Ellie and Lottie.
These two are darling friends. They play so well together.
Cute Nanna Teresa was so patient as Lottie wanted to jump to her over and over again.
As my attention darted from child to child to "Hey! There's a friend I haven't seen in years! Let's visit"
She sulked and told me that she felt invisible. 
Mom fail. 
Lucky for her, there were lots of people who wanted to spend time with her; including Bubba.
It was another beautiful day at the pool. 
Thank you Bubba and Nanna for providing us with such a fun place to swim.  

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