Thursday, July 23, 2015

Together at Tollgate

Cousin time is the best time

Earlier in July, our family retreated to the mountains to enjoy a weekend with they Mays crew. During the final stretch of the drive, we made the transition from a busy highway into a most picturesque mountain scene. Excitement grew as this signaled to each of us that we were nearly there. Rolling down the window, we took in the familiar and refreshing scent of mountain air. Having spotted a deer, we paused a moment to watch it. The children counted fishing ponds, something that would make their Dad smile. Eliza helped me navigate the map outlining the way to go. Sadly, even with her help, we managed to get lost. One quick call to my Dad and we were soon returned to the proper route. With Andrew still away on business, I felt like a legit champion as I pulled up to the cabin. I did it! We made it!

I had packed our belongings, shopped for groceries, cleaned out the car, loaded up the car (in the rain), cleaned the house and drove us there. We hit a little road construction which I thought I handled well until I realized that said road work closed off our exit to the cabin ENTIRELY. I would have to drive past our turn off, flip around and then use the opposite exit. Throw in a complication or two during that "flipping around" part and add in the very real pain of desperately needing to use the bathroom so you can more fully appreciate how happy I was when we arrived. Leaving my kids trapped in the car, I bolt from the car, rush past my parents while hollering:

"Hi Mom and Dad! It's so good to see you! Do you mind getting the kids out of the car, I just need to use the ...." and I was out of sight.

It was time to relax, let the children run wild with cousins, visit, laugh and unplug. 
It would appear that not everyone received the "unplug" memo. 
Hey Eliza!
Put your IPOD away!

I've decided there's no great way to go about posting this as I'm actually in the process of packing for another trip. I thought I'd do myself the favor of catching up a little bit on the blog before rushing off on our next adventure. The lack of organization of this post will be the outcome of that choice, but I am pretty sure I won't lose sleep over it. 

Memories from that weekend that deserve mention include our field trips into Park City. We watched the Minion movie, enjoyed the Alpine Slide (minus Eliza... she was too tall to ride with a grown up and didn't feel like she was ready to do it by herself), went swimming at the Kamas Rec Center, rode the yellow water slide a hundred times with Lottie and Forrest and enjoyed pizza in Kamas where cousin Shipley works! It was delicious but the real treat was finding out that they serve DOLE WHIPS that taste just like the ones in Disneyland. I'm motivated to make a return trip because of the dole whips. And last but not least, the downtime spent at the cabin was my favorite. The kids explored outside, played pool and fuse-ball downstairs and partied in the loft. 
It would seem that I am the official bedtime story teller as I honored their request to tell a "trolly story." It's something I do when the Mays kids get together. They are crazy stupid stories that make them laugh so much. Nana Marie also made sure we designed shirts. She's tireless in her preparation to make these trips perfectly memorable. Thank you so much Mom. 

Eliza favorites:

 Henry favorites:
Lottie Favorites:
Forrest favorites:
Crazy, cute cousins:
Lottie is the best at photo bombs!

We love these people so much. Thank you Nana and Papa for making this happen. And to my older nieces, I have to thank you all for doting on my kids the way that you do. It truly felt like a vacation as I saw these amazing big kids play with my little ones. Watching those cute friendships grow was a real treat. Until next time!

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