Saturday, September 12, 2015

DIY Labor Day Weekend

{Little man at work!}
"How you doin?"

Here I sit, curled up on my couch with a blanket, a water bottle and a bag of Ludens wild cherry throat drops. For two days, I felt this illness creeping up on me. In fact, its potential motivated me to stock up at the grocery store and vacuum out my car yesterday. Say, what?! No one was more surprised that I took the time to clean out my car than Andrew. Is nesting when you're about to fall ill a thing? Apparently for me it is.

The sore throat, which I swear every time is the worst part, evolved into a painful cough (which I've recently decided is the actual worst part). Today, the aches and chills, brought on by a fever, hit. Blah. I reluctantly resigned myself to the couch... giving up on the pile of laundry I told myself I was capable enough to fold. Patiently, I am watching the clock until Andrew's done working. The good news is that he's working from home today. I call this a blessing. Eliza reminded me today that I should count my blessings even though I'm sick.

"Life is better when we have gratitude." She reminded me. Agreeing with her I said,

"I am grateful that you, Henry and Lottie aren't sick." Joining in she adds,

"And that we aren't homeless." She pauses, "And we have medicine." Her pep talk worked even though Forrest is also fevered. But instead of the cough, he has the fever and the fussies. When Henry turned on Wild Kratts this afternoon, he threw a fit! It wasn't until we turned off the t.v. that he stopped. Screen time makes him angry, I guess.

Because typing is manageable (now I'm just being dramatic), I am going to try and make a dent here on the blog and continue to parent my kids from the couch.

Our Saturday mornings will soon become dictated by three soccer schedules (heaven help us!) so we made the most of our Saturday last weekend. Thanks to a friend's post on instagram, I saw that it was the kids workshop day at Home Depot. Everyone was excited about the idea, so off we went.

As much as I appreciated Home Depot's preparation, free supplies and the fact that we weren't on clean up duty, I was reminded that I am not a crafter. Hitting a hammer, negotiating that nail and busting out the paint brushes brought me zero joy. Lottie needed assistance throughout, so I did my Mom duty without complaint. However, my kids really enjoyed themselves and it's a freebie! So, I predict we'll be back.
After church on Sunday, we drove to Salt Lake where we had dinner and a sleepover at Bubba and Nanna Teresa's house. A sleepover wouldn't be complete without a late night playing with cousins and a yummy breakfast in the morning.
The next day was Labor day. We went to Echo lake with Nanna, the Jensen and Taylor families. It was our first time boating this summer! The kids LOVED it. Shame on us for not getting them to the lake sooner or more often. I hope we do better next year.

Forrest crawled right into the tube. With cousin Max sitting next to him (and Uncle Brent right next to them) we took off on the boat. Forrest was so brave.
As for Henry, he was a little reluctant.

"I'm not scared," he promised. "I just don't want to get wet and cold."

He was crying as the boat drove away. Andrew and I would have felt guilty but we knew better. Ten seconds into the boat ride, he was BEAMING! He loved it.

Don't let Forrest's expression fool you. 
He loved it!
Lottie and Ellie were inseparable. They followed one another in and out of the tube, around the beach and into the waves.

Cutie pies.

Speaking of cuties, Harley's smile lit up the entire beach. 
Eliza likewise had fun on the tube. The biggest part of the day was Eliza, Henry and Lottie got up on the wakeboard. I wasn't there to see it, but they all said it was a blast.
(Max, Rachel and Cecelia flying high on the tube.)

It was a dreamy day on the beach. We are thankful for Bubba and Nanna for letting us take their boat out and for Aunt Katie for making it happen!

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