Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Little Lamb Lottie Goes Back to Preschool

With the big kids settled back into their school routines, my attention's been fixed on this cute girl. I am of the opinion that she has been looking forward to returning to preschool since its previous conclusion last May. Remembering last May, I admit that Lottie's beautiful hair has been neglected most of the summer. A few times, she and I bonded while I carefully combed out it's well concealed, yet incredibly complicated, tangles. Other than those rare moments, I let her hair bounce and fly wild all summer long.

As I dolled her up for that return to preschool, I felt giddy as her wild mane transformed into locks worthy of a shampoo commercial.
She was patient with me as I snapped photo after photo. 
With time to spare, we made it to school. 
"Hey! How about another picture?" If she could roll her eyes, she would have. Still, she obliged. 
In the nursery rhyme, "Mary had a little lamb"... Mary has a little lamb that followed her to school. Lottie has a little lamb named Forrest. He followed her to class one day, found the train set and didn't want to leave!
Breaking the news to him was not easy. He was the only one in tears. I was a brave Mama because I feel like I'm scoring an extra year with Lottie at home before Kindergarten. She'll be five in October. She missed the deadline by a month or so. She's ready for Kindergarten in  many ways, but deadlines are deadlines! (And I'm thrilled about it.)

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