Sunday, September 20, 2015

Saturday Morning Drama: Soccer Edition

"Hey guys! Where's my soccer shirt?"
(In the big kid's defense, they tried to stand next to him in the picture 
only to be rejected by Forrest!)
Soccer season is upon us!
We're already two games in and I've had the biggest surprise of my life!
And that is...
Lottie's a freaking soccer rock star!
Her first game, she scored the only two goals of the game. 
Today, she scored six!!!
The other team scored their only goals when Lottie was sitting out during her "quarter."
She's an animal.
Watching her play is hilarious and thrilling.
She wants the ball all the time and never stops going for it. 
I love it.
Each of the kid's have wonderful coaches. It's fantastic!
Henry and Eliza are also playing awesome this season.
Henry's team won last week and Eliza's lost.
Today it was the opposite. Eliza's won. Henry's lost. 
Lottie's team won both games.
I thought having three kid's playing soccer would be a nightmare,
but it's been so much fun;

except for when Forrest gets hurt. 
During Lottie's game today, Henry and Forrest were at the playground together. 
As Lottie's game is wrapping up, I suddenly hear Forrest WAILING. 
Running back to where he is, I discover that his forehead is covered in blood. 
Andrew had already left with Eliza so that she'd be on time for her game, 
but thankfully, my Mom was there.
And she had a bandaid. 
We stopped off at home, 
grabbed some Children's Ibprofen and
our first aid kit (lesson learned, keep one in the car).
And then headed to Eliza's game.
After Andrew's assessment, we decided he didn't need to see the doctor.
But that poor little head of his bled all day long.
In happier news, 
we found one of Henry's old soccer jersey's for Forrest to wear.
We wanted him to feel included, you see.
Life is so sweet these days. 

A quick note to Forrest:
My dear baby boy,
School has started and I'm sure you miss your pals. 
But I want you to know how much I love you. 
I'm proud of how you've befriended Jill (your speech therapist)
and that play so well with her. 
I love rocking, singing and reading to you before you nap or go to bed.
Usually you request the "Temple" song. 
I love that you touch my face with your hand when I sing. 
I'm so glad I get to pal around with you on my errands. 
My heart aches thinking about sending you to school. 
You have my heart and I'm so grateful you're here.
Your brother and sisters adore you.
When he's home, you are Daddy's shadow.
I love you. I love you. I love you.

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*Jess* said...

we definitely have a first aid kit in the car! Even at 10 and 13, they still get hurt on the playground :P

I love that you found a jersey for Forrest to wear. Jocelyn absolutely LOVES wearing Jayce's old baseball shirts :)