Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Summer of the Cabin {part three}

Behold, the Stars! 

You know, I am feeling a sense of deja'vu. Once again, I'm sifting through a myriad of cabin related photos and trying to think of a creative way to navigate another, "we went to the cabin" post! Blogging about this again, the preparation for such a trip and the travel involved feels old and overdone. However, each time we drive up that final stretch of dirt road to the cabin, it signals that a fresh new adventure is about to begin. As we leave, we take home happy new memories (and a car full of filthy kids). Hence, the perpetual visits!
Bubba and Nanna's generosity and kindness was extended further as they allowed us to invite my parents and siblings (those who could come) this time. For anyone else keen on keeping a chronological history (I am a nerd), we went down the second week of August. Looking back I think it's fair to say that all involved had a great and memorable time. The weather was peachy and the time together was well spent.

Since I have dutifully detailed the things we love about the cabin in past posts, this time I will simply share photos and funny stories. It's been awhile since our trip, so I only have a few goodies.

Let us begin with the outhouse. One unnamed member of the family was using the outhouse late one night (there's also a flushing water toilet in the cabin). Not knowing that there was a tricky little latch, they found themselves trapped inside. Andrew, who was sleeping in the bunkhouse hears a commotion. 

"Is someone out there chopping wood?" He wonders. "Is there a bear trying to get into a supply of food?" Looking out, he sees a flashlight beam moving furiously inside the outhouse and realizes the problem. Before he has time to grab his hero cape, the lock on the door is discovered and the poor soul trapped inside is freed! Later they exclaimed,

"That would have been a miserable way to spend the night!"

The second laugh I want to record comes at my expense. Andrew and I had taken a drive down to the "open field" to access an internet connection so he could e-mail some church documents for the Sunday meetings he'd be missing. One thing led to another and he ended up involving himself in a few work related matters as well. Forrest and I were with him and eventually grew tired of the wait. 

My brother Mike suddenly appears on his side by side. He offers to take Andrew and Forrest back so I can have the freedom to drive the speed that I want on the four wheeler. I'm pretty excited about this rare opportunity. As I'm cruising back to the cabin, I decide to make the most of my time by saying a prayer. I used to do this all the time when I was alone in my car (before kids). Personally, I feel my prayers are more meaningful when I speak them aloud. I focus better. I pretty much poured my heart out up until the time I turned the engine of the four wheeler off. 

My parents, brother and other family members were up on the cabin's porch as I made my approach. Apparently they could hear me talking as I drove up the canyon. They assumed I had one of the kid's seated behind me as they laughed at how loud I was. Their laughter expanded as they realized that I was indeed alone, talking to myself (except it was really to God, mind you), as I was driving. I was so surprised that they heard me but couldn't help but laugh myself. 
And finally, Henry said something pretty cute. Our final morning there, he caught a lizard. He was thrilled! 

"I'll name him Zippy!" He declared. This was followed by, "I'm not good at naming chickens but I'm really good at naming lizards!" This made us smile. Although, I have to disagree with him because I like the names he has given our chickens. My current favorite is the name, "chicken noodle soup".

It was so good to spend time with those who could come with us. They seemed as enchanted by its beauty as we are. On this trip, we had the brilliant idea to put the kids to bed and then spend time visiting by the camp fire. My brother Mike has the best (read: outlandish, hilarious, shocking, interesting, etc) cop/detective stories and is a natural, hilarious story teller. My Dad also shared a great tale from his childhood that I had never heard before. And, it should be said, his story telling abilities come from my Dad. This was probably my favorite thing about this trip. 

My least favorite thing was the drive Andrew, Forrest and I took in my brother's side by side vehicle. I thought we were going on one path, but Andrew took us up another far more treacherous one. It was so, so scary... especially since I was holding Forrest. The view we eventually made it to was so beautiful but it would have been enjoyed much more had it been just the two of us. That trail was not baby friendly.
It was a lovely trip. I'm happy we got to go. 

Our cast of characters: 

My Mom and Dad.
My brother Mike, his wife Sunnee and darling Joey!
 My brother Matt and his wife, Allison:
The Flegals:
Time with cousin Joey!
Outdoor play:
 Until next time!

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