Thursday, September 17, 2015

When Opening Jokes Fail

So, last weekend we went back to Bubba's cabin.

(wait, you didn't think my opener was funny?)

I have a few floaters (pictures) on my computer and phone that need a resting place so welcome to this post. I'm not sure how that photo of Forrest driving the quad fell through the cracks, 
but I'm glad I found it! 

I'm trying to find a common thread between this pictures and all I'm seeing is muddy bottoms. 
He loves dirt.
And so do they.

These pictures are proof that I'm relaxing a bit as a Mom. 
Dirt isn't poisonous if ingested. Playing in it doesn't cost money.
 And it's an activity that keeps them well occupied.
Play on, children! 
(Look at me evolve!)

Chasing chickens is likewise free. 

Lottie is is a princess. 
Not pictured: her stylist. 
Eliza LOVES to dress up Lottie. 
They make a great team as she loves this attention from her big sister.
This photo may seem unordinary
but it was taken the day before school started. 
They were outside playing together and I wanted time to stand still. 
Time is naughty. 
It didn't listen. 
So I settled for a measly cell phone picture.

Did you know Eliza still has a giant heart?
She sewed this DARLING turtle for a friend 
who was in an incredibly traumatic car accident this past Spring. 
After months of surgeries and other life saving medical procedures, 
Brynnli came home and we were able to deliver the turtle (and dinner).

So, did you know that Eliza still has a giant heart
...and her Mom's coordination? 
As they were walking up the stairs to her house, Eliza fell. 
She cut her knee deeply. 
Trying to maintain some composure, she delivered the turtle. 
Good thing Dad was there to help her get home.
Once they were home, he cleaned out her cut. 
This is how she responded to that.
Clearly, Andrew did a thorough job. 
He also showered her with love.
After all those tears, I heard her tell him "thank you" for taking care of her. 
It should be noted, that lifting Eliza in such a way causes him great pain. 
His back is still a total mess from his car accident that happened two years ago. 
He must love her a lot.

We don't just do dirty bums at our house. 
Dirty faces are pretty common too;
especially if there are donuts on hand.

The Greens came up to play this summer. 
We had a sleepover and watched a movie outside. 
But not in that order.

Lottie at her back to school night 
(now I'm just getting lazy!)
For the fourth time this year,
I took one of my kids in for an x-ray. 
Forrest had mystery swelling in his knee. 
He was limping when he walked and sleeping poorly. 
After taking him to the doctor, we were sent back here.
His x-ray looked just fine. 
After a few days of ibprofen, Forrest returned to normal activity. 
Good thing we already met our deductible this year. 
(See previous mention of Andrew's continued back pain/treatments).
Seriously though, I'm so thankful Forrest is okay. 
A couple scary scenarios swam through my head for a couple of days.
Even though I let my kids play in the dirt, 
I am still paranoid and wired to worry.

Last but not least,
Andrew and I recently celebrated 11 years of marriage in August!
He's busy planning our trip to Hawaii (hint, hint babe)
so we went out to dinner in the interim. 
Coming home, I about died (of embarrassment and then sweetness).
Andrew's parents and our kids decorated our room and bathroom.
(Lottie picked out the Minnie poster!)

I was embarrassed because our room was so so so messy. 
But I got over it real quick because their thoughtfulness was out of this world. 
It's been a wonderful eleven years and those kids of ours are so dear to us.
I love you, Andrew Flegal. Thank you for this beautiful life.


Karen said...

That turtle is ADORABLE!!! Good job, Eliza! I'm sorry I don't keep up with your blog enough, but stopped in today and loved seeing your happy family. Congrats on your 11 years! You're a beautiful couple.

Andrew Flegal said...

Hint received.

Andrew Flegal said...

Hint received.