Tuesday, October 20, 2015

As Fall Flies By

Before turning my attention to the random pictures below, I want to quickly share what happened five minutes ago. At bedtime, Lottie was complaining of pain in her knee. Of all my children, she has been the most sensitive to growing pains. Every once in awhile it bothers her at nighttime. In the morning she feels fine again. When she was younger, I gave her ibprofen on a few occassions to help her sleep through them, but they haven't been that severe for a long time.

Anyway, just now she was crying in her room. I'd already tucked the children in, so she called me back. She wanted me to come rub her knee for awhile. It took me a minute to get to her, as I was downstairs. When I finally did arrive back to her room, I saw Henry kneeling at her bedside. He was rubbing her knee.

"I didn't want her to be in any pain while she waited for you." My eyes filled with tears. I hugged Henry and thanked him for his kindness.

"That's what big brothers are here for," I said to Lottie, "to take care of us."

"And sisters!" Lottie added. It was such a great moment.
(Lottie is a very good big sister; for the record)

My children are so good to me and to each other. This isn't always true. Believe me. But I often feel that I don't deserve such happiness.

On to the miscellaneous nature of today's post.

I'm trying to be better about arranging play dates for my kids. Forrest's schedule used to be somewhat of a hindrance; but he's growing up so fast that it doesn't seem to be an issue anymore. Lucky for my kids, play dates are happening more frequently. And I feel thankful they are choosing such great ones.
This cutie pie is Millie. 
She is Lottie's friend from preschool. 
They adore each other. 
When I went on a field trip with Lottie's class, Millie was Lottie's special buddy. 

We went to the fire station. 
Forrest was THRILLED that he got to tag along.
You can't tell by his expression,
but this was so so so exciting for him.
There's Lottie and Millie holding hands. 
It was so cute when she turned to find me.
I'm glad my camera was ready for that. 

Lottie was the shepherd a few weekends ago.
It was her job to take care of her class lamb. 
We took pictures of their time together and printed them out for Little Lamb's book.
The most fun thing we did with Little Lamb was watching
spooky Halloween movies outside after dark with friends. 
The Barrett's invites us over to enjoy Kripsy Kreme donuts.
They have an outside movie screen that made the experience so neat!

Here's handsome Henry. 
He came home from soccer with a head of crazy hair 
and the rosiest of cheeks.
The picture doesn't show just how rosy they were. 
But it was pretty dang cute. 
Henry has a good friend who lives across the street. 
For his birthday, a group of their friends walked home from school together. 
I was able to catch this cute crew in action as they raced to Spencer's house. 
It made my heart happy to see them.
I love where we live. 
We've had a lovely fall and have enjoyed being outside. 
The day I took this photo, I was sitting under a tree, reading the book,
"I am Malala"
The book was inspiring, horrifying and important.
Please read it. 
Here's a funny (kind of) story. 
Andrew told Eliza if she scored a soccer goal, he'd pay her $20.00.
Please remember that Andrew is insanely frugal. 
No one was more surprised by his offer than me. 
 Eliza scored TWO goals that game.
And has been scoring goals each game, since.
(We only paid her twenty dollars the one time.)
For the record, that twenty dollar bill came from my wallet.
Not his. 
This was taken the morning of General Conference. 
Obviously, this adorable scene didn't last long. 
There's so many things I could say about how I felt as I listened to each session. 
I feel that the words they shared are true.
I feel the Holy Ghost when I listen and think about what's being said.
I can not deny that beautiful feeling. 
That same weekend we drove up Farmington Canyon as a family. 
It's a scary drive, to be honest. 
There aren't rails along the road. 
It's steep and curvy. 

But the view was amazing.

I'm so behind on my blog, it makes me sad.
This post is choppy and all over the place but it feels good to have it written. 
Until next time....
Lottie would like YOU to be a good American.

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