Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Black Island Farms and the Dinosaur Park 2015

Black Island Farms 2015

Over UEA weekend, Andrew took Henry on his first ever hunting trip!  The details of their adventure deserve a post of their own; or, in other words, I was not there and don't have much to offer on their behalf. We'll see if I can round up some photos and a story or two soon.

While they were away, I kept busy at home with my other Fleglets: Eliza, Lottie and Forrest. And while neither of the girls were left at home, pining for a hunting adventure of their own, I still felt it was my responsibility to ensure that they likewise had a fun and memorable fall break.
Thursday, I nearly failed as the majority of our day was spent packing up Henry and running miscellaneous errands in preparation for their trip. Fortunately for my other kids, a friend invited us to join them at the dinosaur park for a night of trick-or-treating and carnival games. Having no expectations, I was pleasantly surprised to find the experience worthwhile. It's been along time since Lottie's been to the Dinosaur park. We used to have a season's pass, so she's actually been a handful of times, but she didn't remember it. It was fun watch both Forrest and Lottie experience the park for what seemed to them to be the "first time." I was impressed by all of the spooky lights that glittered throughout the park. The kids favorite, I think, was the carnival games that included candy prizes for participating. Sharing the experience with the Whitakers made the night that much better.
The following morning we made the drive out to Black Island Farms. We discovered this gem last year and I've been looking forward to a return trip since. Black Island Farms offers several activities that appeal to our entire family. I wish I could say the admission fee was likewise family friendly. That is the one drawback. It's quite expensive when you have a family the size of ours. Thankfully, a generous friend hooked us up with some sweet coupons that made the price feel like less of a crime. ;)

Also, so you don't get the false impression that we over indulge our children (too late, Ali), we spent two hours meandering around Walmart on Friday night because I had a sudden need (impression) to get new tires on my car. I'm glad I followed through with that decision. Two days later, I would be driving home from Salt Lake, at night, in the most horrible rainstorm, accompanied by a deep fog, in recent memory. My new tires didn't do much to improve my visibility, but they did provide a little more peace of mind as my white knuckles and I drove us home. Sitting in Walmart's tire center's waiting room was a real treat. Forrest through magazines into the trash that he wasn't supposed to, while Eliza tried to take a nap on the cheap, wicker furniture set to try to cure herself of boredom. I didn't take any pictures while we are there. I apologize for your feelings of disappointment. ;)

Returning to our visit to Black Island Farms, if you want an even closer play by play, I uploaded a video to youtube.
The video isn't anything to shout about. But I can guarantee that future Ali Flegal will be so pleased that I spent the time documenting my babies this way. As for the pictures:

Lottie's birthday was fast approaching, so when she asked to have her face painted, I couldn't help but say yes!

The weather was spot on.
We expected a large crowd, but it was minimal.
The tractor ride was a real treat; especially for Forrest.
Like his Pa, he has a thing for engines.
It was a real treat (and help) to have my Mom with us.
When making memories like this, it's fun to have another grown up to 
"Ooh and Ahhh" and laugh at the moments with you.
After picking our pumpkins, we went to the courtyard where the kids enjoyed:
SLIDES, train rides, a box of corn, bounce houses and our new favorite:
pig races. 
Until Next Year!

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rachel garber said...

I have yet to figure out why these fall festivals cost so dang much. Yes Nix is free for now but I told Ryan it's a crime to charge $15/adult because Nix thought it was okay and we really only benefitted from the corn maze. I seriously don't know how bigger families do it! So expensive.