Monday, November 16, 2015

Off to Neverland {Halloween 2015}


(Here's a family video I made of the kids marching in their school Halloween parade 
and wearing their costumes before we went trick or treating)

After ten years, we finally coordinated our Halloween costumes as a family. The closest we came to doing this was back in 2010.

Enjoy the fashion show, blog style:

Presenting our darling Wendy bird.
Peter Pan is both adventurous and dashing.
Cutie pie Tinker Bell made our night feel magical.
And last but not least, Tick Tock Croc had a ferocious growl. We're not sure if crocodiles growl, but ours did!

And a few more group shots:
I feel like we had an extended Halloween this year. Halloween landed on a Saturday and the kids had Friday off from school. It was great! I went to Lottie's trunk or treat on Wednesday, the kid's school parade on Thursday and then Friday, we went to Salt Lake to see the play Mary Poppins with Nanna Teresa. Friday night we had our ward trunk-or-treat and finally Saturday we enjoyed trick or treating as a family.

The kids had a massive candy haul. Being in the middle of a personal 40 day clean eating food challenge, it was torture. Those Heath bars taunted me relentlessly. Other than that, the holiday was a one of the best we've had. 

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