Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Thanksgiving Twenty Fifteen Style

Saturday morning, I observed Eliza scrolling through this blog's history. She bounced around from post to post. As I watched her, I wondered if there was a method to her madness or if she was simply exploring at random. Forty five minutes later, she walks away from the computer and finds me working in the kitchen.

"I'm so glad you blog, Mom!" She went on to share why she was appreciative.

Her words brought deep satisfaction. Guilt followed as I am not writing as often as I think I should be. I was talking to my cousin about blogging over Thanksgiving. She lamented that she wanted to start up again but was so far behind that the idea felt daunting. My advice to anyone in that situation is to simply start with what happened that day. No matter how ordinary the day you're currently living feels, it will seem significant with time; sooner than you think, I'd expect.

This blogging pep talk is more for myself, I suppose. No one else has asked my opinion; but there it is. Just when the blogging flame dies down, someone says something that adds fuel to the fire and I find myself back at my keyboard. Anyway...

In my previous post I wrote that we were still waiting for this season's first {big} snow fall. Well, it came! It happened before Thanksgiving. It's arrival was timely as Andrew was at home to help the children enjoy it to the fullest. That post deserves to be by itself.

The Saturday prior to Thanksgiving, we met at my parent's home for an early dinner. We alternate parent's homes each year so this was our opportunity to enjoy time with the Mays crew. As I finished up some of the food preparations at our house, I asked Andrew for a favor:

"Do you mind getting Forrest dressed while I finish up in the kitchen, please?" It's true. It was almost 4:00 p.m. and Forrest was still wearing his pajamas. I have no excuse.

"Sure." He calls back. "What do you want him to wear?" I was tempted to run upstairs and pick something out myself but decided not to.

"Something nice." That was my only piece of instruction. Here's the fantastic look that Andrew whipped up.  
Forrest looked adorable. His level of cuteness did not diminish as the night went on. It was funny too. Oh my goodness. I just love him. Andrew wore those same lederhosen when he was Forrest's age. And yes, they are truly from Germany.
It's not very kind to ask your child to wear shorts in November, 
but for what it's worth, I should mention that the snow had not yet arrived.
The Mays cousins
(Minus the Alaskans: Kait, Brynn, Scott and Tyler
We miss them!)

Highlights from that night include: the food (!!!), the kid's playing together and a fun game of Scattegories. A few days later, my Mom came to my house and gifted us with a few of my Grandma's stylish hats! The boxes they were in are just as fancy. We had a fun time trying them on. Here's a video for your viewing pleasure. 

In the spirit of videos,
here's another one of the kid's playing with flarp.

The night before Thanksgiving, we took the kids to see the Disney film,
The Good Dinosaur. 
It was while we were driving out on the roads that evening that the snow began to fall.
It was exciting and a little frightening. 
At one point, Andrew rolled the window of our Sequoia down while on the freeway.
He was intending to adjust his windshield wiper.
Instead, like a scene out of a movie, he accidentally rips the wiper right off the car.
We were on the freeway at the time. And his visibility truly suffered.
Minutes later, we arrived at an auto parts store and had it it replaced. 

Other than that fright, 
the snow was so lovely.
We spotted the temple on our drive home. 
It looked beautiful with the surrounding, recently fallen, snow.
I would like to declare that my love for Ogden is true. 
It was slow to develop, but it's completely there now. 
I feel blessed to live here.
This beautiful temple is our city jewel. 
(in my humble opinion). 

In case you're wondering what the kid's thought about the movie,
I have a video of their review! 
Lottie is a little to free with her details. 
You've been warned. :) 

Thanksgiving Day, the real one, arrived. 
We hustled out the door and drove to Salt Lake to go bowling!
It's a tradition, you know.
It's one of my favorites because 
it gives us a chance to catch up with some of my cousins, their cute kids
and my Aunt and Uncle.

After that we drove up the street to the Flegal homestead. 
I went to work making the stuffing.
It's kind of my thing. 
Guess what else is my thing? 
Taking naps!
Forrest had a hard time going down for his nap so I went and laid by him.
He fell asleep within minutes. 
I can not remember the last time I've napped with one of my kids. 
Having independent sleepers is a necessity at our house.
Taking the opportunity to rest with him was a real treat.
I stayed by him his entire nap. 
Because I couldn't leave him.
I couldn't stop watching him. 
I loved it. 
Dinner at the Flegal's was fantastic. 
The food was amazing.
I'm so blessed to be a Flegal. 
Some of the cousins... 
We all got a little sad when I pointed out that next year,
if all goes according to plan,
Shipley will be on a mission!

Two of my favorite memories from this year was watching Bubba teach Eliza and Henry to play chess.
The other was when Henry had our cousin's dog, Poka, pull out his tooth.
You don't need to watch the videos I share, but if you were going to pick one, let it be this:

Eliza loves Chess. 
No surprise there. 
Henry says he really likes it too.

Fun fact: Andrew won't play chess with me anymore.
{Because I always usually win.}

A few more photos and I will wrap this post up!
Eliza decided to go to the Mountain Man Rendezvous as an Indian Brave.

She's adorable. 
And her Mom must be hilarious. ;)
Adele released her new CD. 
I bought it the day it came out. 
And haven't stopped listening to it since.
So we took some time to take a few pictures together. 
After all, she is my therapist.

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You look so cute with Adele! I am so on the fence about that cd . . . I guess I have built it up in my mind and wonder if it truly can compare or beat her last one. Maybe post-Christmas music I'll try it out. --- and PS this is Rachel, not the cowboy but he's signed in and I'm too lazy to fix it.