Thursday, December 10, 2015

The Week of Sick

Thanksgiving weekend 2015

Well, folks. We hit a rough patch last week.

After partying our way through the Thanksgiving weekend, the momentum continued as we began decking our halls for Christmas! Let's be honest, the process of decorating is not a joy; at least for me. Trying to make order of the chaos that are my Christmas bins while keeping the children fed, safely occupied and out of the mess I'm creating, can be painful. However, with a little Christmas music playing in the background and a husband eager to play with the kid's outside, the job is made easier.
Daddy outdid himself with this year's homemade sled. 
Details on sled can be found in this video:

 When it's all said and done, the effort suddenly seems minimal. The chaos has not only been managed but something magical has taken its place. The lights, the greenery and the glittering ornaments compliment one another perfectly. Adding to the scene are our animated children. You can see the magic reflected in their eyes. Their enthusiasm is contagious. The Christmas spirit is thick. You relish it because in a matter of minutes, or so it will seem, it will be time to put it all away.

We braved the cold the Saturday following Thanksgiving as we made our way downtown Ogden to watch the Christmas Electrical Light Parade. It was such a fun thing to do but by the time the parade was over, my toes were frozen. I hope Santa brings me a warm pair of boots this year! We were lucky that our friends were crazy enough to join us. It made for a fun night. After the parade ended, we hauled it back to the car where we enjoyed hot chocolate and peppermint cookies while we waited for the fireworks to start. We were all warm and cozy, in our cars, as we viewed the display.
This is my beautiful friend Maren.
She has the best dimples ever. 
And she's witty and hilarious; a brilliant combination.
That cute Ninja turtle is Jack. 
He's our friend and one of my cute sunbeams at Church. 
Hey look! It's Forrest and his buddy Beau!
And Andrew and his buddy Scott!
Friends for everyone. 
I didn't get too many photos of the parade. 
That's because I was busy annoying everyone trying to film pieces of it.

As I previously mentioned, that weekend also included decorating our tree
and other areas of our home. 
I am not sure why, 
but Andrew does not enjoy hanging ornaments on the tree. 
He has a few (small) Grinch like tendencies.
I think his biggest grievance is when Thanksgiving gets plowed over by Christmas. 
So, to respect his feelings, we don't decorate or listen to holiday music until after Thanksgiving. 
If it was up to him, we'd wait until December. 
We made our compromise years ago. 
We can decorate after Thanksgiving has been independently respected.
And while this is our agreement, he isn't totally happy about it.
And that's okay. 
 It's when the lights are out on the chicken coop that I know he's fully (and finally) 
embraced the magic of the season. 
December first finally arrived. Oh the plans I had! We have a list of holiday musts and it was time to start making those memories. Andrew, however, had plans to travel for work. It was okay though. There are still ways to soak in the season while he's away. Unfortunately, life caught up to us. The day after he left, we were hit with a most miserable illness. There was a fever, a cough (that hasn't left yet), congestion, etc. Allow me to state the obvious: taking care of sick children isn't easy when you're sick yourself and your counterpart is doing his job thing in scenic Monticello (among other places).

It could have been worse. We've been through harder weeks, that's for sure. But it was a solid reminder that there are consequences to late bed times, cold nights out and holiday gatherings. Each holiday season I struggle somewhat in finding balance between merry making and being a wise Mother. Sickness happens no matter what, that's true. But that wasn't the case this time. We played too hard. :)

There are still those blessings that deserve remembrance. The best was watching my kid's take care of each other and me. The other night, I jotted down a few of those observations because I knew that I'd quickly forget. I am going to rephrase my notes so that it makes more sense. I observed:

"I feel so happy when I see my children serving one another. Tonight I found Eliza massaging Lottie's leg. Prone to growing pains, every once in awhile Lottie cries out at bedtime that her legs hurt. Eliza stepped in and comforted her distraught and over-tired sister while I found her medicine. Henry contributed by filling up Lottie and Forrest's cups with water at bedtime. Earlier that day, Eliza made hot chocolate for her brothers and sister. Lottie swept the floor without being asked after Forrest accidentally spilled a measuring cup that was filled with flour. As for Forrest, he continues to do his part by making us smile often."

On the morning I was most sick, I found myself returning to my bed whenever possible. I did what I had to in regards to helping my children, but my energy was such that I didn't want to do much of anything. I was so thankful that Lottie and Forrest played well that morning. They bounced back and forth between their rooms and into mine. At one point, Lottie insisted that she wanted to give me a foot rub. I told her she didn't have to, but she was determined. Bless her heart. As soon as Forrest saw that pumping lotion was a part of the process, he volunteered to help.
They are so sweet.
But I am also laughing because Lottie looks slightly grossed out.

The week went on and I missed out on our relief society's progressive dinner and a primary teacher appreciation party. It was a total bummer. The lowest point, however, was when Forrest came down with the cough. Of all my children, Forrest is the most prone to developing croup. Once I heard that croupy sound, I decided I needed to take him in to the doctor for a dose of steroids. Leaving the house to go to the doctor's was the last thing I wanted to do. I had a fever myself. It was freezing outside and my energy was zapped. It was time for me to "cowgirl up" {which is a polite way of expressing that I sucked it up and did it anyway.}. Forrest was able to sleep well after that. Thankfully his illness didn't escalate into anything serious.

Friday night I was feeling a little better and wanted to do something fun with the kids. We decided to make mint chocolate chip cookies, the recipe is from Mel of course, drink hot chocolate and watch the Polar Express.
Forrest with his cookie. 
Cute boy. 

Now that we're feeling like most of us have turned the corner, we are back to enjoying the season's festivities (in moderation) and hitting bedtime at an appropriate hour. To my friend's reading this, I hope that you're enjoying a happy and healthy holiday season. Thanks for following our story. 

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and I was going to blame the insanely warm weather that we've been having here on my kids' sickness! We've had strep and a stomach virus. Each of the kids. Blah. I hope you guys are on the mend!