Wednesday, January 13, 2016

New Year, Big Changes

Happy New Year friends!

I have to scrap the part where I reflect on the highlights from 2015 and wax poetic over my hopes and dreams for the upcoming year because I am in survival mode, friends! And here's why: 

I went back to school to finish my bachelor's degree! Tis true, I have not graduated. And I made peace with that fact years ago. We joke that Eliza showed up "four years early" which changed our plan entirely as I quit my ultra cool job and dropped out of school to become a stay at home Mom. We trusted in Heavenly Father's plan for our family as we continued to welcome more Fleglets to our nest even though we were poor, Andrew was still in school, etc. Looking back, I feel certain that Andrew and I have been on the correct path all these years as I take note of the many ways our family has been blessed. Please know that I recognize that every family's path is unique. I respect that 100% and just hope that people offer me that same respect in return.  

This past fall I felt an inkling that it might be time that I check out my schooling options. I did my"homework" (HA!) as I checked out various opportunities before praying about it. I talked with Andrew and my Bishop and then prayed some more. Finally, I decided to return to BYU-Idaho to finish up. It's the place where my college career started (I've also attended BYU and the University of Utah) and it makes me happy to imagine that it will be the place where its completed. All of my schooling will be done online. I attend class in my family room. I study on my living room couch or in my bed (or sometimes in my car while I am on carpool duty). 

When I found out that BYU-Idaho would honor ALL of my previous college credit, even though it's been ten years, I knew I needed to proceed! I cried tears of joy when I learned that all of those hours I spent in school wouldn't be wasted. Even sweeter, all of my ugly classes are completed: math, science, history, english (I actually like history and english...) are done. I get to focus on parenting, theater arts and marriage and family courses. 

I've been in school for less than a week and I feel all the sensations of being a student again. My biggest fear is that I will miss an obvious piece of instruction or that I will experience technical difficulty with the online learning system. It wasn't as smooth of a transition as I hoped (read: one of my professors missed the first day of class thinking school started the following week) and there have been some some learning curves, but I think I am now on my way. I am absolutely loving the reading material I've been assigned. Interacting with my classmates online has also been a thrill for me. I feel like I am reconnecting with apart of my personality that I haven't seen in years. Being a student, working hard and earning an A is a fantastic feeling; but with that comes a heavy reading load and the need to be very wise in how I organize and spend my time.  

I don't think it's interfered with my life as a Mom because I've been pretty careful not to let it. Ask me again how that's going next month. I have had to sacrifice some of my time surfing the internet and engaging in social media... and that's clearly a good thing. I hope my enthusiasm continues... please wish me luck. My biggest fear is that I will neglect the blog. So many good Mom things are still happening and I don't want to neglect writing them down. This blog is a huge treasure in my life. So if there are posts without pictures, that's okay. At least that's what I will tell myself because I want the memories recorded with or without the pictures. 

That sums up things for now... and to wrap things up, here are a few pictures from Christmas break for your viewing pleasure.  

Ice Skating with Cousins:
Sled rides in the neighbor's field:

 Ringing in the new year with a Netflix inspired countdown and the minion movie. At 9:00 pm. we banged our pots and pans and shouted "Happy New Year!" outside. Andrew and I stayed up with a determined Eliza. It was a good thing because our neighborhood faithfully lights fireworks. The show is always excellent. Andrew had to attend a stake dance up at Weber University for his new church calling. He was home by ten. :)
 My crazy weirdos. 
 Lottie and Forrest before a dance lesson.
 Lottie was kind enough to give Forrest a makeover when her friend was playing at our house. Silly, silly!

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Ryan said...

Yay for going back to school! I don't know how moms do it. Seriously. You rock.
And PS. this is Rachel on the cowboy's computer :)